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Winning a deal isn't boring but the activities required to close those deals often are. 66% of the average salesperson's time is not spent selling. So, what are they doing? 

The answer to the question is admin, manual data entry, organising, follow-ups, in other words, the things they aren't employed to do, and in the end, what suffers? Your business.

However, there is a solution to this challenge; Sales Enablement and Automation. 

Sales Enablement and Automation is the process of defining and automating your sales processes to eliminate routine and time-consuming tasks from your sales teams daily to-do list. 

It brings all of your best practice into one shared space, where all reps can take advantage to drive their sales success. To do this Sales Enablement and Automation optimises personalised emails, videos, nurturing and remote selling.

In other words, you receive all the data and information you need, to clearly see what's working, who is on target, and how your sales pipeline is shaping up, anytime, anywhere. 



Who Owns The Sales Enablement Process?

In most businesses, the Sales Enablement and Automation process is owned by both Marketing and Sales. 

The process involves the identification of blockers affecting sales, Marketing then provides a variety of resources reps need to effectively sell.

These resources include ebooks, blogs, PDF's, videos, and product guides, to name a few.

Sales use this content to nurture leads to help them make an educated decision whether or not they want to convert.

This process aligns both Sales and Marketing to generate higher levels of sustainable growth.


Sales on Autopilot 

Sales automation is a very powerful inbound marketing tool and an opportunity which a building product manufacturer like yourself can't miss.

With businesses who adopt sales enablement and automation seeing a 50% rise in sales at a 33% lower CPA rate, is it time you entered the marketing automation world?

Robotic or cold content won’t help you nurture leads, and when you have an extensive database of leads, prospecting them individually will become a time-consuming task, if not impossible.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way prospects could receive tailored content based on their interactions with your business, automatically? Well, there is the way.

We combine our construction marketing knowledge and cutting edge automation software, like HubSpot to automate your sales process and build workflows which automatically helps your leads at crucial decision points, qualifying them based on their interactions so your reps can spend less time doing admin and more time closing.


How We Help

Converting your current system to optimise Sales Enablement and Automation may seem daunting at first, however, we help you during the transition. We accommodate your needs and develop solutions to help you succeed, regardless of size or complexity.  With our in-depth knowledge of construction marketing, we can be trusted to deliver complex projects that contribute to your bottom line with minimal oversight from you.


software we use to enable and automate your sales process

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