How are your campaigns performing and what's their ROI?

The all important question, and for most marketers one of the most difficult one's to answer.  It was the marketing pioneer Jon Wannamaker who coined the famous phrase "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half".

Insynth are able to provide deeper insights to your marketing performance, and even tie sales that have been influenced by your campaigns back to them - giving you that illusive ROI figure!

We process the data to give you actionable information.  This enables you to better understand what you need to do to shift the sales needle.  Understand what channels and mediums are working for you, what is impacting conversions and what activity is driving high quality leads.

Armed with these facts, you can plan you future campaigns knowing more about how to be more effective and have a greater impact on revenue.

Our reporting covers;

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Keyword Performance

We monitor the keywords that your potential specifiers and customers use and your competitors rank for.  We then track your monthly progress as your campaigns and marketing activity help to improve your rankings on all the main search engines.

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Competitor Ranking Analysis

We compare your web visibility vs your main competitors and against specific keywords.  We track your progress, month by month, keyword by keyword, as you aim for authority in your sector.

We also provide estimates of competitor website traffic and which keywords drive their site.

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Web Statistics

Our reports cover all web statistics, including volume, traffic sources, geography, referrals, bounce rates, average time on site and user journeys.  Monthly updates show you how well your website is performing over time.


Content Performance

We identify which content is performing the best on your website, attracting visitors, generating leads and against industry benchmarks? 

Use this information to understand what your audience likes and develop better content strategies moving forward.


Social Channel Performance

See which social channels are performing the best and find the best times to tweet and promote content on LinkedIn. 


Campaign ROI

These reports look at exactly how many leads are generated and where from, as well as what happens to those leads and their impact on revenue as they move through the sales funnel.


If you want deeper insights and understanding of how well your marketing activity is working, then we're just a click away. 

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