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Hafale knew that CPD was key for connecting with their audience, and was also aware that their material was in need of an update.They wanted to update four of their presentations. But with the rest of their workload, it would be hard for them to do it themselves.

They started working with Insynth, enlisting the help of technical writers and professional designers, to take their CPD to the next level.

Their new CPD's included the key features to make their sessions memorable.


Interactive Quizzes

To engage their audience throughout the presentation, Hafale inserted quizzes at the beginning, middle, and end of the content.

Using QR Code technology, participants register their answers through their mobile devices, displaying the results in real time.

This creates a competitive element to the quiz and allows the presenter to gather insights about their audience.


Hafale Case Study Visuals - 2


Professionally Designed Slides

Most presentations use a template. A standard approach to design.

However, Hafale’s presentation was designed by a professional designer, making sure each page presented their products optimally.

This allowed technical information to be layed out clearly and linked technical information to their visual representations.

They created graphic icons which bring points of visual interest to technical slides.

These icons help with the clarity of the presentation, and make sure the information is presented logically and sequentially.


Hafale Case Study Visuals

Video Case Studies

Hafale’s iron mongery is visually stunning and has been used on premium projects.

We created video case stories to tell the story of how the project developed, the challenges faced, and the end result.

Background music immediately brought the case study to the next level, and added an extra level of polish.

The presenter can sit back during this session, take a break, and get ready for the Q&A section.

Also, the video case study is enjoyable for the audience, especially after a long presentation.



In conclusion, Hafale recognized the importance of CPD for connecting with their audience and sought out a solution to update their existing materials. By partnering with Insynth, they were able to take their CPD to the next level with interactive quizzes that engage participants, professionally designed slides that optimize product presentation, and video case studies that showcase their products in action. These features not only make the presentation more enjoyable for the audience but also provide valuable insights for the presenter.

Overall, Hafale's decision to work with Insynth has helped them create a more engaging and effective CPD program while freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks.


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