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How To Win With CPD In 2022

Upgrade your CPD to reach, engage & convert more specifiers


Topics Covered Within The Webinar 

  • Thought-leadership insights to help you engage, educate, and convert specifiers.
  • Discover the multiple channels where your educational material has the most impact on your target audience
  • CPD subject matter to consider, including:
o Statutory & regulatory compliance
o Health & safety and wellbeing
o Sustainability

Join Insynth's Chief Revenue Officer, Jack Meisinger and Founder & CEO Leigh Simpson, as they delve into modern CPD expectations while taking a closer look at some of the exciting opportunities that are giving some construction product businesses a significant competitive advantage over their rivals.

Discover how you can work more effectively and deliver CPD that specifiers want.



CPD has proven to be a successful route to market for building product manufacturers for many years whilst, simultaneously providing architects and design professionals with essential career development in relation to the latest design practices, products and legislation within the industry.

But with the rise of modular learning and digital CPD, what architects and specifiers have come to expect from CPD has changed.

The way you deliver CPD needs to evolve or you risk being left behind. If you need assistance with your CPD or you have any niggling concerns, you can speak to one of our CPD experts today or click the button below to speak directly with Jack!



CPD For Your Building Product Company 

Digital CPDs aren't new in the world of manufacturing and construction, but since the start of the pandemic, they have become more prevalent and efficient, paving the way for building product manufacturers to adopt a more digital approach to CPD delivery.

Whilst traditional in-person CPD events are starting to kick off again, the benefits of digital can't be denied especially considering the risk of another national lockdown.

In this white paper, we deconstruct the essentials of traditional and digital CPD as well as detailing how to create an effective CPD strategy optimising the strengths of both types. 


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Download your copy of our CPD Whitepaper below!