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How to use Lists for Improving Customer Experience



Hi, my name is Ainhoa, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Insynth Marketing.

In this video, I am going to dive a little bit more into how using lists can provide you with more insights on your database and improve your prospects’ customer experience when communicating with you.

If you have not yet watched our video on the different types of lists available on HubSpot, I encourage you to review it before watching this video.

You can create lists based off certain actions that your contacts are taking, like form submissions, page views or CTA clicks.

And you should!

This is because, when a contact interacts with your content, you should recognise that they went out of devoted an action of their day to you.

That action can give you an incredible amount of information, from how ready the contact feels to purchase your service to the reason why they got in touch with you in the first place.

Once you have that information, you can start nurturing that contact through targeted content and providing a conversation that will feel personalised and coherent to your contact.

For example, if a contact has viewed three pages regarding a service that your building product brand offers and they have downloaded one of your e-Books about the same topic, they will resonate more with a follow-up email that matches that content than if you had sent along a generic email.

Creating free resources that your contact can learn from is key for attracting new customers.

Another way lists can help you improve the way you interact with your customers is by keeping in touch with them after a purchase.

You can create a list with your existing customers and make sure that they are updated with any new release that you might be launching because, chances are, if they were happy with your service, they will buy from you again.

I hope this brief explanation was useful. If the different uses of lists have caught your attention, feel free to explore other videos where I speak about using lists to run A/B tests or create reports.

If you have any questions, give us a shout.

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