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How to use Lists for Reducing Spam and Opt-Out Rates



Hi, my name is Ainhoa, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Insynth Marketing.

In this video, I am going to dive a little bit more into how using lists can provide you with more insights on your database and give you more power when designing a new campaign or reviewing your marketing strategy.

If you have not yet watched our video on the different types of lists available on HubSpot, I encourage you to review it before watching this video.

One reason lists have become essential for HubSpot users is due to their usefulness when improving your email performance.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 marketers consider email newsletters as their most welcomed form of content marketing? And when I say welcomed, I mean it.

When you email one of your contacts, you are a guest in their inbox and, if you fill up their inbox with unappealing and unhelpful information, they may not want you back.

When a contact subscribes to your newsletter, they are not giving you free range to send any content that you have produced. They are expecting targeted and high-quality content that will keep them signed up to your mailing list and looking forward to your updates.

Ensuring that you are sending the right information and customising your emails to consider every detail can help you achieve a higher open rate in your emails.

Most HubSpot users create lists with different memberships that they will distribute their contacts into.

If, nevertheless, a contact decides that they would rather stop receiving your marketing emails, lists can help you make that unsubscribing process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Active lists can be used to gather the people that have opted out of your marketing emails and will guarantee that they are not sent any marketing updates that they might not want.

I hope this brief explanation was useful. If the different uses of lists have caught your attention, feel free to explore other videos where I speak about using lists to run A/B tests or create reports.

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