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How to Log and Track Emails with HubSpot



Hi, my name is Ainhoa, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Insynth Marketing.

In this video, I am going to introduce you to a particularly useful tool within HubSpot: logging and tracking your emails.

Consistently logging your emails on your contacts’ record and adding any notes that you think you or your team members will find helpful can improve your prospects’ customer experience.

And, when I say you can log and track all emails you send to anyone on your CRM, I mean that HubSpot can do it for you.

Depending on whether you use Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, you will need to download different add-on software pieces to allow HubSpot to log and track emails.

The installation of these add-ons is code-free and very quick.

If you would like to learn how to log and track your emails, keep watching. After the video, I will teach you how to ensure you and your reps keep logging and tracking emails when sending them from a device without the add-on installed.


How to Log and Track Your Emails on Outlook

Logging and tracking your emails consistently can provide you with valuable information about the behaviour of your prospects.
Alternatively, if you are emailing one of your contacts from a device where you do not have installed the add-ons, you can use your own and unique HubSpot BCC address to automatically log an email to the contact’s feed.

Your BCC address will be composed of your HubSpot ID number followed by the ending @bcc.hubspot.com.

If you would like to log an email you have already sent from a device without add-ons, you can forward it through your HubSpot forwarding address and it will be added to your contact’s feed.

Your forwarding address will be composed of your HubSpot ID number followed by the ending @forward.hubspot.com.

I hope this brief explanation was useful. If you would want to know a little bit more about how HubSpot can help you improve your email interactions, as well as making information more available for your team, give us a shout.

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