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How to Get Rid of Bad Data



It’s Rich here – Insynth’s Head Writer.

In this video, I’ll be telling you how you can use HubSpot to keep your building product company’s data nice and tidy.

If you’ve been in the building product and construction game for some time, it stands to reason that over the years, you’ll have built up a database of thousands of people.

There may be an excel spreadsheet lying around somewhere…

Your sales rep has probably got a little black book…

As you can imagine, getting this data onto HubSpot and then checking to see if it’s healthy can be a challenge to say the least.
Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Examine Your data

Before you start, you’ll want to check the overall condition of your data. Is it up-to-date, relevant, or useful? Identify what data is worth keeping and what you should be eliminating.

In most cases, bad data stems from human error, but there are other possibilities that you should look out for, for example:

  • Contacts that have bounced or unsubscribed
  • Duplicates
  • Unengaged contacts

To obtain this information, you may need to run your data through a data cleansing tool, such as Kickbox.

Step 2: Standardise how you will input your data

Now you need to create a standard structure of how you and your teammates should input their data into the CRM. What information should be required when contacts are created?

One way to standardise this is by setting property fields that will appear when manually creating contacts or companies.
By doing this, it will help create consistent data when new information is entered in your CRM.

This strategy can also be applied when contacts are created through form submissions by including key fields in your forms that your team will value.

Step 3: Determine who will do the cleaning

The chances are, your building product business doesn’t have a CRM manager, so discuss with your team who will be assigned the task of cleaning up your data.

Step 4: Create a schedule

Determine how often you’ll want to perform your clean-up maintenance by creating a schedule.

Once a month? Every quarter? Once a year?
Whatever it might be, it's important to stick to a schedule to keep your data fresh and clean.

Project management tools like ClickUp are great for establishing an organisational structure within your team. We use it and love it.

Step 5: Get Some Extra Help With Integrations

Finally, Data management integrations are a great way to get some assistance. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Data management
  • Leadspace
  • Property capitalize

And there you have it.

No matter how you go about cleaning your CRM data, follow your plan and stick with it.
Don’t forget – the team here at Insynth are always here to help with HubSpot CMS integration. Our very own Ainhoa is on hand to help with any data cleansing needs you may have.

Take care, guys, and speak soon.