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How to Find Subjects to Write About



There’s no denying that building a website, writing effective posts, promoting content, taking care of social media as well as everything that comes with your business can be chaos, and it might seem like that there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Whether you feel like you’ve exhausted your current editorial calendar, already have dozens of blog posts and not sure where to go next or, completely new to the world of content creation, there are quick and simple tips you could do in order to save time and make life a little easier. All whilst still creating effective content and not completely abandoning your online marketing.

My name is Hannah and I am a Technical Writer here at Insynth. Writer’s block for me is an absolute nightmare. BUT, you don’t need to experience this.

Let me tell you everything you need to know…

The Importance Of A Content Marketing Strategy

Firstly, your business needs a content marketing strategy to work with and to.

A content marketing strategy helps you connect the goals you want to accomplish in your business with the content you’re producing. It acts as your direction and roadmap.

Do Your Keyword Research

Let’s get on to the quick and easy hacks you could do to help with creating topics to write about. Keyword research. It’s both important and useful to know what your main keywords are and how to research them.

Keyword research is the process of researching popular search terms (related to your business and industry) into search engines such as Google. Once you see what is trending (being searched for the most), the aim is to include them strategically into your content so that it appears higher on search engines results page.

Why not try the following:
Use a keyword research tool such as SEM Rush, GSC, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Moz
  • Start typing one of your keywords into Google and see what it suggests
  • See suggested similar searches at the bottom of the search engine results page
  • Ask your customers the terms they use when describing the product/service you provide
  • See what terms competitors are using, do they reflect the same offering as you

Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and Moz are a great way to see what keywords are ranking and what potential customers and leads are searching for.


Take this example:

If I type content marketing into google, before I even click enter a whole range of different keyword searches appear, such as content marketing strategy, content marketing institute, content marketing examples, etc.

Why not give it a go and see what comes up!

Online Forums

Another effective way to find topics to write about is through online forums. Sites such as Reddit, Quora, Stack Overflow and Google Answers are just a couple of great ways to see what people are talking about, what problems they have and what questions that need answering.

If you are really struggling to find a topic to write about … why not use what you already have! Re-purposing and updating content can often improve your search engine rankings as the content has become authoritative due to how long it’s been online.

This is especially helpful if you are just starting out with blogging and creating content, it’s easy to update content than start from scratch.

I really hope I have managed to give you an insight into what it takes to find topics to write about for your business, how simple it can be but most importantly, how effective it can be as well!

And, once you have found a good list of topics to write about, then you need to know how to make your content attractive. Take a look at my video ‘How To Compose A Good Headline.’

Thanks for watching!