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How to Create a Meeting Link with HubSpot



Hi, my name is Ainhoa, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Insynth Marketing.

In this video, I am going to introduce you to a remarkably powerful tool that HubSpot offers to all its users: meeting links.

Construction professionals see their time as a valuable resource.

Once they have gotten in touch with you, requesting too much of their time can put them off from continuing developing a specification with you.

The process of arranging a meeting, while usually overlooked, can be surprisingly time-consuming, flooding people’s inboxes with an endless back-and-forth of emails trying to find the time that works for everyone involved in the meeting.

Setting up a meeting link within HubSpot can save you and your prospects the awkward thread of emails checking each other’s availability.

You can add this link to your email signature so anyone can book some time with you right after they read your email.

If you would like to learn how to set up a meeting link, keep watching.

As you might have noticed in the video, every person booking time on your calendar will be asked to fill up a form.

Through that submission, all people arranging a meeting with you will be added to your CRM. If the contact is already part of your CRM, their record will be automatically updated.

When setting up a meeting link, you will also avoid having to manually log on to your contacts’ records that a meeting was arranged.

When a contact books time with you, HubSpot will automatically associate the meeting with the record of the person with the same email address and it will add onto their feed that you met up with them to speak about a certain topic.

I hope this brief explanation was useful. If you would want to know a little bit more about how HubSpot can help you make your day-to-day task less time-consuming, give us a shout.

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