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New Wellness One Website Makes Big Ticket, Technical Purchases Easy 

Discover how Wellness One's website generates £200,000 worth of leads in the first month 



Wellness One is on a mission to make saunas mainstream 

Often considered an aspirational health product, Wellness One believe it should be a lifestyle & well-being product available for everyone.  

High-quality, design-led saunas are typically sold in showrooms, with the added pressure of a pushy salesperson. Research shows that this approach puts consumers off purchasing big-ticket lifestyle products.  

The solution was a brand-new website with an intuitive product configurator and pricing tool. 

This modernised the sales process and empowered the buyer to choose the perfect sauna from the comfort of their own home, without a salesperson involved.  

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A Website To Disrupt The Sauna Market 

Early conversations with Wellness One highlighted the need for customers to find the information on-site. The expectation was that customers would then pick up the phone to make an enquiry.  

Insynth advised otherwise.  

When you consider that 75% of buyers prefer digital self-service and that buyers are reluctant to make a ‘cold enquiry’ on a high-value product, another approach needed to be considered. Customers are reluctant to reach out to sales at this stage of the process and would rather know prices beforehand.  

The advice was to create a website to generate traffic, fronted by a product configurator. 

This would help increase time spent on site and conversion rates while providing Wellness One with more qualified, high-value leads, taking buyers from awareness to sales qualified in a single step.  


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Designing The Sauna Configurator 

Working within the HubSpot CMS, the configurator was built on top of an existing product database. 

Prospects can select their preferred product and then be presented with a range of accessories only applicable to their selection.  

This required complex coding to create, providing the prospect with all the relevant information before speaking with any salesperson.   

Modernising the sales process and taking away any pressure from sales helped reduce bounce rate and increased the overall time spent on site while giving buyers more confidence in the Wellness One brand.  

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Showcasing The Quality

The website needed to reflect the messaging and the branding.  

Insynth took the existing content and assets and arranged them carefully to create a brand style that showcased the lifestyle and wellness benefits of owning a designer sauna. 

A clean and sharp design with plenty of white space reflected the ‘wellness journey’ that prospects were on.  

Led by high-quality images that highlighted the ‘high-end’ nature of the product, Insynth reformatted them without losing quality, optimising page load speeds for both user experience and search engines. 

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Wellness One’s website now sets the standard for marketing saunas, showcasing products that support a healthy, luxurious lifestyle.  

The innovative use of the product configurator has delivered over £200,000 worth of leads in the first month, exceeding the pre-launch goals of Wellness One.  


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