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Sector: Adjustable Pedestals

Products: A Whole Load of Products


"Our website needs to be practical for end users/ installers, but at the same time visually appealing to design-led architects and specifiers who want to see case studies. Insynth has smashed that challenge and delivered a website that allows us to achieve all of that and more"

- Mike Wilderink, Managing Director





Specifiers conduct their research for building products online, so a purpose-built user experience is essential for the modern specifier. Take a look at the finished product here:

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Market leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of adjustable pedestals, Buzon UK Ltd, came to us with ambitious plans: to build on its current offering and evolve the UK business into an all-encompassing platform for product research and specification.

Our shared vision was to streamline the user experience with an intuitive interface; crucial for a brand that houses more than two-hundred pedestal and accessory variations.


The Challenge

With a suite of over two-hundred pedestals and accessories and a reputation that spans several decades, the Buzon brand has established itself as a world leader in adjustable pedestal innovation. However, the company’s UK distributors recognised that, in order to reach out to a wider audience of UK specifiers, their website needed to showcase their products more effectively.

A clunky WordPress page builder and a dated design meant that the overall user experience was compromised, causing high bounce rates and low conversions.

With a ‘gated’ resource area, potential leads were abruptly turned away and the Buyer’s Journey was stunted.

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The Solution

Insynth quickly understood that with the sheer volume of products on offer, a smart solution was necessary – one which aligned both sales and marketing under one roof, and thus, HubSpot was the answer.

The HubSpot CMS has enabled Buzon UK Ltd to capitalise on the platform’s unique trackable features including, CTAs, smart content, A/B testing, on-page optimisations and much more.

What’s more, a unique ‘pedestal calculator’ and enhanced search filtering options means that specifiers can access required information in fewer than five clicks.

Visually, the Insynth Design Team developed a stunning offering that showcased the company’s high-profile projects, whilst staying true to the brand’s core aims and Value Proposition.

The Changing Habits of The Specifier

As more and more design professionals turn to the internet to research and specify products and solutions, Buzon UK Ltd recognised the need for an online offering that helps to facilitate this process.

Since the website relaunch, the Buzon UK site has enjoyed increased numbers of online enquiries and the website is proving to be a crucial lead generation tool for the company.

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The Results

A stunning website with 250 pages, over 700 technical content files and 75 blog posts was delivered. In the first-month bounce rate fell by 18%, time on site increased by 33% and brochure downloads increased by 149%.

"Insynth has been a game-changer for my business. They increased the time on our website by 33% and decreased our bounce rate"

- Mike Wilderink - Managing Director


Website Pages Created


Time on site increased by 33%


Increase In Brochure Downloads


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