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Why Data Is Essential

Construction is one of the largest industries in the UK (woop woop!), but with that being said, it is also one of the least profitable. Yes, construction as a whole may generate large amounts of revenue in the UK, but the cost of sales alone is ridiculously high, and this has resulted in a 2.5% profit margin... Yup, one of the lowest of all industries in the UK. 

This means you may be incorrectly investing your marketing and sales budget, or perhaps you are criminally overcharged. It's hard to know which one applies to you, or more importantly... Which one applies to everyone else.

Are you all in the same boat, or is that a sinking ship? 

That's why we set out to gather data from the exhibitors and visitors at UKCW to find out how effective their marketing is, what they'll be investing in, come 2022, and how valuable events like UKCW will be for their revenue engine going forward.




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