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Paid Media Strategies That Attract Specifiers To You

PPC is a form of advertising where search engines like Google allow you to show ads on their search engine results pages with the aim to drive traffic and conversions. You don’t pay until someone clicks on your ad – making PPC a measurable form of advertising. 

PPC is a proven way to generate leads for building product brands, and through our cost-effective approach, we produce quality results without the requirement of a huge budget.


Conversion Is Key

An essential aspect of all PPC campaigns is the Return On Investment; we understand your aim is to effectively attract leads and specifications to your brand at a reasonable Cost Per Acquisition rate, and this is why we aim to generate as many conversions as possible at a low CPA rate and high ROI.

Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute; this means 5 billion people are searching for solutions daily. Therefore, positioning your website as a solution to the problems your audience is searching for will increase your website traffic, in addition to solidifying your brand as a credible and recognisable building product manufacturer within your sector. 

Get Ahead Now

PPC (2)-1

Get Ahead And Stay Ahead 


An effective PPC campaign is one of the fastest ways to generate leads and attract specifications however, it isn't a long term solution to your revenue challenges. Therefore we utilise PPCs' capabilities to generate quick wins whilst establishing long term sustainable revenue solutions.

We aim to re-construct your revenue engine to produce a predictable flow of leads, so if you have used PPC in the past without seeing the expected results, we will run an audit to find out why. 

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how we deliver results for you



We begin by analysing your environment and running an audit on past PPC campaigns to identify what didn't work and why. At this stage, we will also identify keywords and campaign goals.


Build PPC Keywords

Keywords are the ammunition you have to create a PPC strategy that converts and gets you ranking ahead of your competitors. We are thorough with our keyword selection to ensure ROI.




We work with you to plan an effective PPC strategy to achieve your goals setting the budget for your campaign and finalising keywords for ad groups. 


Keyword Bidding 

Have you ever taken part in an auction? PPC advertising works in a similar way in that you bid on your selected keywords.

Depending on the competition of the keyword this could be an expensive proposition however we use cutting edge software to identify the keywords your competitors are paying for, enabling you to adjust your bid and maximise ROI.




Our meticulously crafted copy makes a measurable difference in the way your prospects interact with your PPC ad campaign. Our expert copywriters construct irresistible copy which attracts specifiers and customers to your product.


Landing Page Creation

After constructing your PPC campaign whatever you do, avoid sending your prospects to the homepage of your website. Why? Because it doesn't completely offer a solution to your prospects search.

Instead, we create a unique and conversion-driven landing page which offers solutions to your prospects search and captures their contact details so they can enter your sales cycle.


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