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CRM: The Beginners Guide For Your Building Product Business


Discover what a CRM is and how it can simplify and align your business.


"Excel is great for certain things but it isn't by any means a CRM. We've found that building product brands who implement a CRM operate significantly better than those who don't, and this is why we chose to write this guide. This guide will allow you to truly understand the potential of a CRM for your building product business."


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What Is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system refers to software that helps you keep track of interactions with future and current customers and clients. Long gone are those lengthy spreadsheets with data scattered from inboxes, filing cabinets, and endless pieces of paper.

A high-quality CRM can empower you and your building products business to understand your prospects, sales data, and marketing like never before.






Is A CRM Right For You?

Do you have a need for maintaining a central list of information on your leads and prospects?

Does this information live in many different places?

Do you struggle to understand the productivity of your sales team?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you will need to look into a CRM.


What's In The Guide?

This ebook will guide you through the intricate details which determine whether a CRM could be right for your business, along with detailing the range of CRMs that are available for small, medium and large businesses.




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