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The Way people specify has changed

Get this, only 0.7% of specifiers go to tradeshows to find products. Instead, 98% of them prefer to research online.

Your customers want to find a solution to their design challenge whenever and wherever they feel the urge to search for it. 

Content marketing leans into this, to give specifiers the information they are looking for to make an educated decision on whether or not they want to convert.


How Content Marketing Gets You Specified

Content marketing is the strategic process of developing informative and useful content (blogs, videos, CPDs, ebooks etc) which communicate your products technical performance while educating prospects via your marketing channels.

Keep in mind, people only become viable leads after 8 interactions with your brand, we leverage content marketing to help you adapt to the way your customers are specifying today.


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Where To Use Content in The Specifier Journey

The Specifier Journey is the process and actions your typical Architect or Consultant takes when they are given a design challenge. By clearly defining this process, we can strategically generate content for key areas throughout your specifiers' journey, which will get you specified.


The client wants an outstanding BREEAM rating on their project, so they conduct research to more clearly understand their building product options.

Note: Informative content which helps your specifier research is crucial at this stage.


The client considers their options for a building product solution, weighing up your brand over your competitors. 

Note: This is the most critical stage for content as it'll help differentiate you from your competitors.

3-Feb-15-2021-10-04-59-19-AM-1Now, the client understands their options; they will specify that product X best fits their needs.

Note: Specifiers care less about your brand and more about your technical product performance; your content should be reinforcing this at this stage.


4-Feb-15-2021-10-04-59-11-AM-1Installation instructions, delivery schedules, O&M manuals, tech support. 

Note: There are usually around 5,000 building products in any given project, don't expect your client to be an expert in your sector - instead supply content which will help them understand your delivery process.



All The Content You'll Ever Need

We have content experts ready to produce the thought leadership content your audience is looking for. Here are some of the content tools we employ to generate leads for your business:


Content Marketing (4)-1

Articles & Blog Posts
Case Studies
Email Templates
Pillar Content
Landing Pages


Content Marketing (5)-1

Website Copy
Data Representations
Interactive Graphics
Technical Calculators


Content Marketing (6)-1

Explainer Videos
Product Demonstrations
Installation Guides
Drone Footage
Video Case Studies
CPD Videos


What Our Clients Say About Us

I was spending money every month on digital marketing, without really knowing what was working and what return I was achieving. I worried that if I didn't do it my business would suffer.  Insynth explained how digital marketing worked in simple English - no jargon.  At last, I understood it better and knew what we needed to do.  It was like  'WOW - I've found a marketing company that I can trust to look after our best interests
Matt Green
Managing Director
Leigh, Olivia and the team at Insynth are a very knowledgeable, highly motivated group to work with and have been absolutely instrumental in helping us take our first steps in the world of CRMs and Inbound Marketing. They provide a genuinely personalised service, and I was particularly impressed the with the time and effort they put in to getting to know our company and our products - and this attention to detail carries through to all the content they produce as well. Highly recommended for any company in the construction/manufacturing sphere who are looking to benefit from professional, top quality inbound marketing services.
Dan Vesty
Managing Director

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