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If you want to boost rankings, increase website traffic and provide a better customer experience, you've come to the right place.

What's new in the Updated version?

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Content marketing is forever evolving, which is why we decided to update our very popular Content Marketing eBook. In this guide we comprehensively evaluate content marketing, ordering insightful chapters into digestible chunks for building product businesses to action with minimal effort.


In this guide you will find:

  • Quickly actionable insights ready for 2022
  • 40 additional pages 
  • A new look, designed to allow quick learning with minimal time spent reading
  • An all-new Content Marketing ROI formula
  • New diagrams to make complex concepts undoubtedly understandable 
  • Step by step break down on how to produce a content strategy
  • Painless tips on how to improve your writing
  • A construction product case study with successful content marketing

A Proven Approach

Our method isn't an 'experiment' it's a proven approach, as our 9 Construction Marketing Award shortlisting would suggest, including 2 finalists for construction Content Marketing. 

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The Relevance of content

44,000 years.

According to a study conducted by Journal Nature, that’s how long we as humans have been sharing stories. From ancient cave art to eye-catching infographics – fast forward a millennia, and we are telling more stories than ever.

However the medium has shifted.

In this era, content marketing is equivalent to the wheel, isn't it time you get your business rolling?




How Content Helps

Construction Product Businesses

Many construction product businesses underestimate the power of content until they realise that 98% of specifiers go to Google first to conduct product research, and in doing so they have completely changed the traditional route to specification for construction businesses like yourself.

Content not only helps you to be found by architects and specifiers on Google but also gives them the information they need to effectively learn about your product.

Over 75% of the global population interact with data every 18 seconds - this is how long it takes your customers to lose interest in your content. This means you have already missed the 'content revolution', it is now the era of content optimisation.

Creating the most helpful and SEO optimised content that will convert architects and specifiers and help you get found on Google. This can seem like a pit for energy time and investment, but this ebook guides you on you to effectively adopt the content as a construction product business.



Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for good people with great construction products who are aiming to achieve 10% growth in 2022, does that sound like you?

Whether you're a large multinational or a small family business, content marketing can revolutionise your revenue engine if used correctly.


What are you waiting for, get your copy below!