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Designing the Right Dashboards



Hi, my name is Ainhoa, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Insynth Marketing.

In this video, I am going to introduce you to the art of reporting through HubSpot. I will explain how setting up a compelling reporting strategy can be crucial for ensuring the growth of your building product business.

This is because, when building the strategy that will bring growth to your building product business, nothing can be left to fate.

If you are not familiar with HubSpot’s reporting tools tools, do not worry. I will share a quick clip now showing you how to explore your reporting dashboard in less than 2 minutes. After the video, I will explain the different how you can start using reports efficiently.

Quick Tour of Reporting Dashboard

In HubSpot, reports are grouped in dashboards, giving you the chance to bring multiple reports together onto the same screen.

All HubSpot portals comes with access to a dashboard library, where any user can find 18 ready-made reporting dashboards composed of up to ten reports that provide you with information over your sales numbers, your marketing efforts, your service standards, and your blogging success.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to success, you can also create your own dashboard and add from the reports library the graphics that best cater to your reporting requirements.

Having a wide understanding on the reports that are available in the report library can help you decide for a topic and design a themed dashboard focused on a particular set of metrics.

HubSpot offers over 170 reports to use in your dashboards, combined to your liking so they reflect exactly the information that you need.

Aside from marketing and sales, HubSpot helps you report on the performance of your ads, your current lead generation rate, the success of your emails, the traffic on your website, and your most successful conversion points.

For companies with sales reps, personalised dashboards are particularly helpful. With this kind of dashboards, sales reps have reported to gain independence and feel more self-sufficient, as they are in fully aware of their metrics and can act upon them without being told to do so.

I hope this brief explanation was useful. If you would want to know a little bit more about how HubSpot can help you improve your reporting strategy, give us a shout.

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