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Contour Heating Products Limited

Discover how Contour increased its revenue by 370% by implementing HubSpot

Sector: HVAC
Services: LST Radiators, Radiator Guards, Anti-Ligature Guards & Anti-Ligature Products

Contour found that their traditional sales-centred approach was becoming less effective; finding it harder to get in front of specifiers and decision-makers to demonstrate the benefits of their products over their rivals.

They needed to optimise their process and make the necessary changes that would insulate them from the pressure that was affecting the team internally. They were frustrated with their old CRM system and had realised that it was slowing them down rather than enabling their growth.

Among other pains, simple tasks were taking longer than they should, team managers complained generating simple reports took them hours, and the sales director felt powerless, aware that, despite the great work his team was doing, he had no real-time data on his efforts were performing.

How we helped

Contour approached us, and we helped them to migrate their entire business onto the HubSpot platform.


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Customising a platform that was first designed for B2C purposes for a building product manufacturer was challenging but allowed Contour to review some of its processes, explore alternative ways of optimising its procedures and, ultimately, develop a streamlined way of conducting its sales activities.

HubSpot gave the reps tools so they could see when their prospects were on the website, what pages they were visiting, and when their emails were being opened.

Managers were enabled to produce speedy reporting, and, at last, the sales director got real-time data on what was going on in the company.



Increase in orders year of year


Increase in profits


Increase in sales

Testimonial“We’ve seen a massive impact right across the business and are looking forward to working with Insynth to continue our impressive growth” - Commercial Director Robin Mansell

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HubSpot Campaign Case Study Contour Heating



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