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Aquamark Cleaning

Discover how Aquamark generated £1,000,000 in sales opportunities with HubSpot

Sector: Window Cleaning
Services: Abseil Window Cleaning, Water-Fed Poles Window Cleaning, Façade Inspections, Gutter Cleaning, PPE Inspection, Abseil Window Cleaning, Cherry Picker, Cradle Cleaning, 

Powered by its firm conviction of transforming the commercial window cleaning industry into a customer-focused excellent end-to-end experience, Aquamark felt frustrated that its message was not being heard.

Socially committed to a more approachable and environmentally sustainable cleaning service, they realised their marketing efforts required a complete reformulation.

Seeking marketing advice that would be familiar with the construction industry,
Aquamark partnered with Insynth in March 2020, ready to upgrade its tech stack and streamline its customers’ journey.

How we helped

Aquamark sought the help of Insynth Marketing as they specialised in aligning building product brands business better with their customers. After a thorough audit of Aquamark’s value proposition and website, Insynth identified Aquamark as a clear candidate for a lead generation strategy based on the inbound marketing methodology.

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With a compelling content offer already being produced, Insynth encouraged Aquamark to invest in the right tools, moving from a disconnected and siloed tech stack to the industry-leading solution, HubSpot.

Optimising their new tech stack, Insynth developed the following objectives in cohesion with Aquamark.

Insynth took an innovative stance and introduced the idea of automating Aquamark’s sales and service pipelines. So, they created over 60 automatic workflows.




Customers renewed or agreed to another contract


Sales opportunities


Customers said they experienced an excellent service

Less than a year after, Aquamark has witnessed unprecedented lead generation rates, whose follow-up has been facilitated through the implementation of sophisticated automation. These processes gathered sales, service, and admin tasks, helping Aquamark see their workload reduced and allowing them to provide customers with the flawless experience they base their philosophy on.


This approach translated into an undeniable success, with unbeatable customer feedback and a reliable influx of successful deals converting from organic visitors.


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HubSpot Campaign Case Study Aquamark



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