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Why Your Building Product Brand Needs Digital PR

Why Your Building Product Brand Needs Digital PR

At first thought, PR and working with the media and other industry publications might seem like an archaic approach to your construction marketing.

However, like everything in recent years, it has evolved, offering a more digital and 21st-century approach to how it can be successfully implemented.

As the new year gets underway, and new construction marketing methods are considered by construction product business leaders, it’s important to consider the benefits of digital PR.

The Importance of Digital Construction PR

More than just getting some snippets in local papers or attending regional events, digital PR is a branch of content marketing that can quickly accelerate your building product business from construction journeymen to industry titans.

Getting mentioned in construction journals, quarterly publications, and other online media earns you backlinks, increasing how authoritative Google sees your building product brand.

The lower your authority, the less likely you are to perform highly on Seach Engine Results Pages (SERPS), even with the most refined blogs in your construction sector, which is why PR is so important.

This blog provides an insight into what digital PR is and why it can be a critical component to your building product’s success.

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What is Digital PR?

PR is difficult to define. So much so that it wasn’t until 2012 that the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) actually agreed upon a concrete definition.

Standing for ‘Public or Press Relations’ a somewhat old-fashioned marketing term, this now 10-year-old definition, states that “public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”.

In a nutshell, PR is about communication and sharing news through wider channels, often beyond that of your audience. Digital PR is exactly the same, but with a focus on doing this through online publications, industry websites, or social media channels.

Digital PR for your building product business is the bridge that connects you to potentially thousands of prospects that have always been just out of reach.


Why You Need Construction Digital PR?

There’s a famous saying in the world of public relations which you might have heard: ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’.

While it’s more closely related to tabloid newspapers and people becoming famous for the most ridiculous of things, what it is trying to say is that anytime you are mentioned in the media, it’s going to be beneficial, and people will hear about you.

For a building product business looking to continue to grow its brand awareness, anything from sponsoring a football team, having a local newspaper report on a new office, or being interviewed by a construction industry journal are all PR methods that help get your name out there.

But using these techniques will only take your building products so far. In this day and age, you have to consider your digital brand awareness, too.

It’s all well and good being in the local papers, but if your customer base is further afield, who are you building relationships with?

Not only does a strong digital PR campaign build up relationships with industry publications, online journals and websites, but the constant appearance of your building product brand has an effect on everyone who sees it.

Twinned with a strong content marketing campaign, introducing your construction product business to digital PR will help expand your reach beyond the organic.

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The Benefits of Digital PR

There are many more benefits to digital PR than just having your name printed in a publication.

Remember, digital PR uses the power of online technologies as well as the power of the press.

Having a press release or a news story published online and linking to the original story or page on your website earns you a backlink.

The more backlinks your construction product website has, the higher your domain authority will be and the more likely Google will favour your site over your competitors.

You can find out more about backlinks and how your building product business is stacking up by downloading this checklist.

On top of this, construction publications have a number of other digital PR tools that are offered and can easily be included in package prices, too.

Take solus emails. Having a solus email included in a digital PR package means you can have your stories, updates and insights emailed directly to a publication’s list of subscribers. That’s your brand being seen by thousands of decision-makers outside your immediate network. This may open up even more opportunities.

So, as well as having exclusive directory listings or additional banner adverts, digital PR goes beyond the obvious and provides a range of exclusive digital advantages.


Let Digital PR Grow Your Building Product Brand

You could quite easily continue with your construction marketing approach and see gains throughout the year with your inbound strategy, but if you’re really looking at shaking up your corner of the construction industry, digital PR can play an important part.

Good content alone won’t get you ranked though alone though, especially in a more competitive space; it all comes down to domain authority.

Going beyond what you would expect from traditional PR, digital provides you with a chance to expand your brand awareness quickly online and help improve your google rankings with very little effort.

If you have news to share, stories to tell or growth to nurture, digital PR is the branch of marketing to explore.

But remember, keep it regular and keep in your audience’s mind. Yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper.

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