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Why Building Product Companies Should Take TikTok Seriously

Why Building Product Companies Should Take TikTok Seriously

TikTok was immensely popular during the pandemic. Most of us (I know I did) enjoyed the lightheartedness of the app and found many content creators that provided entertainment for us whilst in lockdown.

But the playful nature of the platform has meant that it hasn't been taken as seriously by building product companies as it should be.

So, here are 5 reasons why your building product company should take TikTok seriously.


#1 TikTok Has grown significantly

TikTok is now one of the biggest platforms globally and continues to gain millions of users each year, the platform seems to get bigger and bigger, and we can’t see it slowing down anytime soon.


In 2018 when the platform was first available worldwide (after only being available in china from 2016) the platform only had only had 133 million users. This increased significantly in 2020 during the first national lockdown due to the pandemic in which the platform gained 700 million views. In 2021 TikTok reached an incredible number of 1 billion users, and we can see it continue to grow in the coming months.


More and more business has seen this incredible growth and begun to use the platform for their own marketing and brand identity. Many smaller companies have utilised TikTok to grow their own brands and have gained success by building their audience and promoting their products.


Whilst your business account may not grow rapidly in the short term of posting your content, you will start to receive significant traffic and engagement if you post consistently with helpful and relatable videos about your product and brand.

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#2 TikTok Can Be Educational

TikTok videos aren’t all about viral dances and lip-syncing despite their reputation. You can also create educational content for your audience. Personally, these are my favourite types of TikTok. The 60 second to 3-minute time frame is perfect for brain retention and is more likely to be viewed multiple times depending on the content’s quality.

Now let’s look at an example:

@newhomequalitycontrol has over 500k followers on TikTok, making videos inspecting new builds across the country and educating his audience on shocking building practices.


Another company that show their work on TikTok is TLS Groundworkds Ltd, who use the platform to show projects the company is working on as well as how things are made.

TLS Groundworks Ltd produce services such as foundations and drainage so they produce videos showing the materials being made and the equipment the company uses, as well as some humorous material. 

The company has 17.7K followers and posts multiple videos daily in order to stay on TikToks algorithm 


Online users love to be shown how products are made and how they work; this could be shown in a minute time-lapse or step by step guide with a voice-over explaining your products. TikTok also allows users to ask questions, which you can then answer in a video to share with your entire audience.

#3 Grow Your Online Presence

Having a TikTok account for your business is the perfect opportunity to promote your business to a new audience and grow your online presence.

Scrub Daddy, a sponge and cleaning products company, use TikTok to create videos promoting its products and brand. This has resulted in them gaining 1.4 million followers and online store revenue reaching $500,000 a month. 

Having an online presence with your products shown can still bring in customers for your business or make a name for yourself in the industry for your popularity on the platform.

Customers love when brands produce witty content they can share with their friends and are more likely to share the videos with their peers.

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#4 It Produces Organic Traffic

TikTok’s algorithm is personalised to suit the user’s interests and intersection on the app, such as which accounts you follow, videos you have liked on the app, hashtags you search for and comments you post.

With your building product business in particular this type of algorithm could help catch the eyes of architects and specifiers. Whilst many don't use the platform in particular for research, according to CMI 2022 data, 62% of architects use the platform for personal use and 23% for networking online. And if they do stumble on your content and find it appealing, they can save it to their "favorites"  for future reference as well as share with other TikTok users.

You can still use paid advertisement if you feel like your business needs a boost in traffic or followers. Still, you should be able to produce a constant flow of organic traffic by posting quality content consistently on your account.


#5 Engage With Your Audience On Tiktok

TikTok's usability makes it easier for users to like, comment and share on videos that come up on their feed. The platform also allows creators to answer questions and reply to comments in videos, allowing businesses to respond to their customers and answer questions without running the risk of miscommunication.

Often when businesses are replying to a technical question about their product, it can be harder to communicate to your audience in just a short message and be able to solve the problem the first time around. By using the TikTok feature, you can show the customer how to solve their problem and give a small demonstration using your product. This is more likely to provide first-time results and excellent customer service.

Consider sharing offers and any product giveaways your business may offer your customers. These will show on your followers' feeds and on potential customers browsing the social site.


Many Businesses refuse to view TikTok as a serious social media platform and marketing technique due to its reputation of being a platform for the gen z who are only interested in dance videos. But the examples included show that TikTok can be beneficial for building products and even the construction industry as a whole.

Whilst we understand TikTok isn't everyone cup of tea, and it may not work for your business at this moment in time, the opportunities it produces for other businesses worldwide should not be ignored.

Decide if you want to be ahead of your competition and use TikTok to grow your business, or risk being left behind in the past.

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