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SEO In Construction Marketing: How To Create Content

SEO In Construction Marketing: How To Create Content

A big part of ensuring your website is optimised for search is the content you provide. Creating content gives your building products company the opportunity to become a thought leader in your specific sector.

This is not something you do once and its done but you continue doing to ensure Google is constantly recognising you as the expert on a specific topic/product/service.

SEO content is any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic.

Keyword Research

Without going into to much detail, keyword research is a big part of creating SEO content. Without knowing what keywords you’re targeting, you can’t create content with a strategy.

You should identify your keywords before you create content so that you can strategically write for Google. You can do this by focusing on certain keywords that already generate a certain amount of search volume. Meaning people are already searching for information about it.

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Different Types Of SEO Content

There are a variety of ways you can create content specifically for SEO purposes. Below is a list of the platforms they include:

  • Product Pages
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Info-graphics
  • Glossaries
  • Directories


Product pages

The most obvious is your product or service page, is Google finding it? A good product page will see traffic landing on it when searching queries or questions about your product.

Keywords are vital but so is the language you use. Make sure you talk about the product and how it's a solution to the customer, not about your own company.

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Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the easiest ways to create a steady stream of SEO content. Blogs are generally more engaging than other content as they are conversational.

Although a little less formal, blog posts are more likely to attract links than product pages. This makes it easier for you to build authority for your site.

They also allow you to address issues or queries about the solution you offer in a professional manner that is consistent. This can be a huge support to your customer support team as they most probably answer the same questions day in day out.



Lists are a type of article, but framing it as a list makes it easier to scan. For example a list title could be ‘5 Ways To Reduce Noise In Open Plan Offices’.

These types of titles are also more clickable when found in search results or on social media feeds.



Guides and E-books can be a great resource for SEO content, they allow you to write about a specific topic in great detail. Not only is it enticing to download but during that download you can generate a lead by asking for an email address in exchange for a free download. Below is an example.

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Especially in the building products business, videos can be an extremely valuable piece of content. Videos allow you to demonstrate, show behind the scenes, tutorials, how products work and are even great for testimonials.

As there are fewer videos on the web than there are text it can be easier to rank for a competitive keywords with a video instead of an article.

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Due to the very nature of info-graphics they attract page views and links as they’re desirable. The key thing to remember when creating info-graphics is to ensure the rest of the page is carefully optimised.

This is due to search engines not reading text embedded into images. Another point is to ensure the image is optimised for search including the image name and image alt tag.

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Specifically for the building products industry a glossary could be a vital part of your SEO content. As a lot people search Google for definitions on words having a glossary on your website could be a good way to capture some search traffic.



If you’re already creating SEO content directories can be a great platform to promote it further. Even without sending them content, your presence alone will associate your company with specific keywords.

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Overall there are a number of ways you can create content for SEO purposes. With many SEO content pieces working together. For example after creating a blog series around a specific topic, you could create a guide with that content.

The more content you create, the more you educate your potential customers about the solution you provide. This then means that when they do come to you wanting more information, they are a higher quality leader as they know what they want.

Content can also be used to nurture leads in the early stages of their buyers journey. For example sending an E-book or a blog over to a lead wanting more information allows them to educate themselves in their own time rather than you selling to them.

Content marketing is being used worldwide with many companies benefiting from it. Specifically to the building products sector, by adapting these tactics now you can get ahead of your competitors and dominate your specific sector online.

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