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Live @Inbound2019  - You’ve Got Email: How to Scale Your Personalized Email Campaigns

Live @Inbound2019 - You’ve Got Email: How to Scale Your Personalized Email Campaigns


Email marketing continues to be the most powerful way to reach your target audience—90% of emails reach the correct consumer’s inbox, and 91% of consumers check email daily.

For marketers using a people-based email strategy (a strategy where the offers, messages, and frequency of communication are tailored to subscribers), the challenge is scaling effectively without sacrificing the personalisation that makes email work so well in the first place.

To do it dexterously, you’ll need to understand how to use data to segment your list, leverage your sales teams’ insights, and identify when and what to automate.

Today’s speaker, Kerel Cooper, is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent. He currently leads the marketing team and works closely with sales, product, engineering and customer success to create awareness and generate leads for key products and features. 

Kerel promises from the session:

  • Understand why email will power the future of people-based marketing.
  • Hear how to identify where AI can help with the heavy lifting.
  • Learn how to use data to segment your subscribers and engage customers at all points throughout their journey.

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Kerel begins by emphasising the evolution in email marketing. Ten years ago, everyone said ‘email is dead’. Now, it’s growing in popularity. He notes his own personal email subscriptions based on his interests. It’s what helps him to stay current.

Lots of companies are now using email newsletters to send tailored insights to their customers. Rather than going on a companies’ home page to learn, more and more people are using email as a way of gaining new information.


Why is email important to your business?

  • Consistent way to build relationships
  • Critical channel to have consistent touchpoint
  • Customer retention


Key Email Statistics

  • 4 hours people spend in email
  • 7 billion active emails users across the globe
  • 72% of people prefer email content
  • 89% Marketers say email is the most important piece of data
  • 122% return on investment from email.


You access your inbox everywhere

  • 100% of people are logged in
  • 60% mobile-first
  • 25% of people check their email before people getting out of bed


The Buyer’s Journey

Karel talks about leveraging emails throughout every stage of the sales funnel.

Awareness: Segment and personalise, let your brand shine, have a strong CTA, brand consistency

Conversion: Colour and imagery, directional cues, great subject lines, strong CTA

Retention: Educate your customers, witty subject lines, kill two birds with one stone (educate and sell)


Key Takeaways

Karel rounds off his talk with some key points to take away.

  • Understand your audience
  • AI can help with the heavy lifting
  • Audience segmentation and personalisation will help improve the effectiveness throught the customer journey
  • Put yourself in the customer shoes
  • Sell email as a channel internally

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