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Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Take Your Marketing From Good To Great

Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Take Your Marketing From Good To Great

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How to Take Your Marketing from Good to Great

There are nearly endless marketing strategies to pursue, but it can feel nearly impossible sometimes to know if you’re on the right track or should consider another approach.

After all, even if your marketing is yielding good results, what if they could be even greater?

In this session, Sangram will help attendees understand exactly what it takes to succeed with marketing today—and how to go from good to great.

Key Takeaways

  • An in-depth look at different marketing strategies, including the traditional marketing funnel, account-based marketing’s flipped funnel, and more
  • Four best practices businesses must embrace in order to get the most from their marketing efforts
  • Multiple use cases of handpicked marketing practitioners. Attendees will see the curtain pulled back, and understand the exact steps these individuals have taken to experience wild marketing success.

Intended Audience

Mostly senior level and C-level B2B marketing and sales people in any size organisation, but mid-level marketing and sales will learn valuable lessons as well.


‘Greatness is a choice, not a function of circumstance. ‘

-Jim Collins

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What Is Great Marketing?

  • Customer delight
  • Personalisation
  • Engagement
  • Conversations
  • Service
  • Magical Moments
  • Storytelling
  • Targeted ads
  • Email
  • Metrics
  • Forms
  • Customer Delight
  • Community

Construction Marketing For Building Materials Marketing Growth Agency Insynth Shifnal West Midlands

Great marketing is a strategy and about everything you have pulling together to create a unique experience for your customer.

There is no one thing you can do to make your marketing great. You have to combine a number of aspects to reach greatness.

The building materials and construction industry is known for being a traditional market, with the sector being recognised as a late adopter to many marketing aspects.

Its common for companies to try and disperse roles and responsibilities throughout their current team to save costs on staff. This method saves money, but does not generate the same results.

You need at least one person to manage and control marketing for it to be great. Your marketing will never been great when its spread across the team, as it will never be a responsibility to them, especially if they work in sales.

Pipeline Velocity - In marketing if you have people or deals in the pipeline, marketing should be engaging with those customers before sales get in touch with them.



Sangram talks through the TEAM Framework touching on each point. The important thing is to focus on all points, then everything comes together and makes sense.

If you focus too much on one thing you become blind sighted to what else is going on in your organisation.




Sangram continuously touches on the fact that if sales and marketing are not aligned throughout the sales process then you cannot achieve greatness.

Some companies may think they don't even have good marketing, let alone great marketing. Get in touch today to find out how your marketing can be improved with the help of Insynth.

Construction Marketing For Building Materials Marketing Growth Agency Insynth Shifnal West Midlands