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Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Future Proof Your Content

Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Future Proof Your Content

Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Future Proof Your Content - construction marketing Insynth

As organisations and marketing departments we talk a lot about the future. The end result is we make our content dated, we’re here now.

Reflecting on the past and our shared culture truths, is the most efficient way for a brand to both tell its story and transcend our insane content ecosystem.

They reflecting on the past and they’re embracing our shared cultural truths.

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Elizabeth Giorgi leads the talk about which types of content have changed the most over time. This will then pinpoint predictions for the future on which format content will be most successful in.

She is the founder and CEO of Mighteor, an internet video production company as well as an Emmy-winning director, writer and editor.

Elizabeth promises from the session:

  • To learn how to ensure new creative content will have a long shelf life
  • Ideas on how to optimise your existing content for fresh uses and merging distribution channels.
  • How to get comfortable with creating video content – as video is here to stay.


Use Your Voice

Your voice is the tool I hope to inspire you to use, because its on thing that never goes out of style.

Platforms and trends come and go, Liz’s goal is to give people the tools to use your voice, so you can transcend trends Twitter and even SEO.

Elizabeth asks the whole room to stand up and participate in saying the below.

Story’s Matter

My Story Matters

My Voice Matters

Stories are the key to understanding this concept, prediction the future and getting out the past.

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Focus On The Low Points As Well As The High Points

Liz talks about her own story, mentioning how one of her lowest points created a turning point. As content marketers we are called to focus on the ups and the downs.

Note what you learn from the lows and what drives you to the highs.


How To Future Proof Content

It requires bold and decisive leaderships to open your content marketing to level of future-forward thinking. It requires trust and ownership of content to make sure it works.

This means you will need to bring someone new into the team to ensure you have this person.

It’s common for thought leaders to introduce a creative content marketing role to the team to ensure it gets done.

Many small  or sceptical companies don’t want to commit to hiring someone to manage content.

Realistically companies want to be resourceful so pass the responsibility onto someone who they think will be able to carry it out.

Organisations that do this fail as people already have their own job roles to focus on so it will never be a priority to them.


Success Is Not A Straight Line

Success is also not a straight line and thinking it’s supposed to be is what holds a lot of companies back.

Your success will happen when you invite your audience to the then and now, avoid telling them what they should be thinking about in the future.

If you give them enough content now they will take you into the future.


First: Transparency

Trust your audience – they don’t expect every piece of content to be perfect.

Especially in the building materials and construction sector, post works in progress, behind the scene, historical images.

Transparency, transparency, you have to trust your audience aren’t expecting perfectly posed model for every piece of content.


Second: Bravery

Bravey is not a one-time decision – it’s a day by day commitment to your vision.

You need to commit to this bravery every day. Measure you bravery from 1 to 10. Are you more popular posts the 1s or 2s or the 10s (really brave) do more of what your audience wants.


Third: Badassary

Being a badass is the message people will get from your story, because you will be authentically standing out from the trends and the hashtags. It will give you one up on the competition and make you rememberable.

Construction Marketing For Building Materials Marketing Growth Agency Insynth Shifnal West Midlands