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#INBOUND22 The Seller Free Economy: The Future of Sales & Marketing

#INBOUND22 The Seller Free Economy: The Future of Sales & Marketing


Recent studies have shown a "seller-free" sales experience is what end users want.

As generations go by, familiarity with the e-commerce approach is likely to become the norm, whatever industry you're in. 

So what can marketing teams do to work more closely with sales and be more responsible? 

INBOUND icon Marcus Sheridan gave a 30-minute session at INBOUND22 to discuss how to prepare for the shift that lies ahead for sales and marketing teams.

The Data

The conference started with 3 key statistics that would almost be enough for you to interpret and react to.

The first is that the customer is 80% of the way through their buying journey by the time they pick up the metaphorical phone.

The next is that 33% of buyers prefer a seller-free experience and the final jaw-dropping statistic is that more than 75% of buyers prefer digital self-service.

Can you say your business offers this? It’s likely not.

And this was the opportunity Marcus Sheridan was driving home, this is the biggest opportunity facing marketing departments globally (and you don't want to be rowing over a waterfall). 


It Comes Down To Trust

Platforms will come and go, but one constant is trust. What you need to do in a ‘seller-free’ market is that trust up. This ties in with Marcus’ philosophy from his book They Ask, You Answer, every question you have ever been asked at the sales stage, have an answer to it on your website.

But 3 things are key.

  • 1: You must be willing to talk about others in your space
  • 2 You must be willing to show what others do not in your space (no such things as secret sauce)
  • 3 You must be willing to sell in a way nobody else does in your space.

If you don’t do that, you’re not going to be able to build trust.

And before you say that this might not work in construction, or your business isn’t suited to this approach, Marcus reiterates to ‘think again’. Those businesses that think they’re unique aren’t and the most successful are those who recognise similarities.

The Opportunities of 'Self'

Self-scheduling, self-selection and self-pricing are all essential in future-proofing your construction. Each plays a vital part in the removal of the ‘salesman’.

Think about when you’re booking an appointment online, or 'specking up' a car. The tools to create what you want and book when you want without interaction are far more welcoming.

I know I prefer it.

Then why wouldn’t you apply that to your business?

Construction lends itself fantastically to this possibility, with products that range in specification or cost, it’s your opportunity to provide your customer with the tools to ‘do it themselves.'

This method, Marcus claims, brings in on average 200 enquiries a day for his pool business.



You need to be thinking 5-10 years ahead of where you are, Marcus claims, and willing to do the stuff other businesses aren't. Thinking like an e-commerce business even if you aren't is the starter. 

Becoming trusted advisors is another point. This starts with leadership and filters down to marketing. 

in doing this, as following the mantra discussed above, you can stand well ahead of your competitors, especially in this sector.