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#INBOUND22 Email Marketing Tips: DO This, Not That

#INBOUND22 Email Marketing Tips: DO This, Not That


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as INBOUND22 kicks off today and to make things even sweeter we are attending live in-person this year.

Live from Boston, Jay Schwedelson returns with his latest insights on email best practices designed to cut through all the noise of so-called ‘email specialists’. No baseless claims, Jay aims to show us real changes we can make to catapult our email marketing strategies, backed up with actionable data insights from recent months.

Jay Schwedelson is the founder of SubjectLine.com, the leading free subject-line rating tool ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide, as well as the president and CEO of Worldata Group, a multi-brand marketing services company.

From open rates to driving more meaningful email engagement, this session promises to showcase what the top marketers are doing right now to improve email marketing ROI. Covering both B2B and B2C, the latest tactics and techniques from Jay are always sure to help you stay ahead of the pack.

The world of email marketing is always changing. So the stats here today are current and not based on historical data that is useless in this every changing industry and business landscape.

User Generated Content

Jay begins with talking about user-generated content. When you put user-generated content right next to a CTA, clickthrough rates are catapulted to the next level.

The number? It doesn’t matter. What people care about are recommendations and things that boost confidence in a company/service. Whether it’s ‘Suzie’ or an anonymous survey group of 1000 people, their feedback is just as valuable when it comes to bolstering confidence in your company, hence driving engagement.

User-generated content has the power to completely change your email performance.

Subject lines which present testimonials or reviews with language like the ‘best …’ or ‘most popular…’, makes something in a consumer’s brain click. ‘This is our most popular lead magnet.’, for example, has the power to completely flip the script.

But Jay I don’t have thousands of people downloading my content”

It doesn’t matter. Jay explains that what’s important is that people are engaging and promoting your product and services. One testimonial can influence thousands of minds.

Segmented vs non-segmented Campaigns

A segmented campaign is simply an email or larger campaign which targets a targeted list, rather than your full database.

Jay has analysed the emails that go out to segmented lists and found the emails which perform the best in this manner.

So what is the most important email you can send? The initial subscribe/new purchase email.

Often all we do is say ‘thank you’ therefore wasting this prime opportunity and the precious moment you hold their attention.

Getting your first email opened by your recipient will increase the likelihood of remaining in their inbox by 85%. Bye bye spam folder! That’s why companies like Go Pro say things like ‘Thanks for your purchase, your unique promo code INSIDE’.


It’s about getting the initial open, the most important open rate your company will have.

The facts? New net customers who interact with their initial email have a 225% increased chance of becoming a lead/purchaser down the line.

10 Email Marketing Tips in 5 Minutes

In a mind dump-style process. Jay reels off some of the things that he’s found work for email marketing in recent months. All unrelated, but each one important to know for your 2022 email campaigns.

  • Email subject lines which include “tomorrow” receive 28% higher open rated than those with a day named in the email i.e Wednesday
  • Your landing page is NOT a MALL. Simple landing pages which simply navigate to the desired CTA have a 240% higher conversion rate
  • Additional offers on a post registration page on average receive a 13% click through rate
  • Using FREE in your subject line will actually generate 2X open rates when compared to substitutes like COMPLIMENTARY. The myth about going straight to junk folders is just that – a myth
  • Redirect links that take longer than 3 seconds to load will lead to a 37% higher abandonment rate
  • Black Friday related emails have a 31% higher average open rate than Cyber Monday related emails
  • Over 80% of all email campaigns are sent out ON THE HOUR. The tip: don’t send them out on the hour and get lost in all the noise. This can increase open rates by 15% for B2B
  • Destination pages that have client testimonials have increased conversion rates, reaching up to 27% higher on B2B emails. Put testimonials near your CTA
  • If someone goes more than 30 days without opening your emails, 70% of those contacts wont open future emails

Top performing keyword in emails within the last 60 days for B2B:

  • List Checklist – Up 28% in clicks
  • Free gude/report – Up 27% in clicks
  • Watch now – Up 21% in clicks
  • 2023 content – Up 29% in clicks



The sheer volume of knowledge shared in this short 30 Minute talk is astounding. Walking away from this talk, we are loaded with tips and tricks to help boost the performance of your business’ email marketing campaigns.

The trick is to get out there and try things. Try each of these tips individually or pair them with A/B testing to see what works for you.