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#INBOUND2021: Email Myths Busted! What's Really Working Now

#INBOUND2021: Email Myths Busted! What's Really Working Now

Email marketing guru, Jay Schwedelson, is delighting attendees at Inbound again with his up-to-date insights on what's really working now and why current behaviours are creating a perfect recipe for email marketing success.

Brace yourselves for some quick-fire, data-driven facts about email marketing that you can use for your building product brand RIGHT NOW.

Here are 9 key takeaways...

The images used in this blog post have been lifted from Jay's presentation, which was created by his talented team at Worldata.com. For more excellent email marketing resources and insignts, don't hesitate to check them out. 

#1 The Accidental Open

The accidental open is a tactic used by marketers to gain intrigue from a recipient by using an actual 'from' name. See image below:

Jay 1

"Who is Ben Dombrandt? Do I know him? Why is he emailing me?"

This is the sort of response that marketers are hoping for and expecting, and, as you can see by the results, it's causing email open rates to surge. 

Exercise this tactic with caution, though. Will it increase open rates? YES. Will it also increase complaints? YES.

#2 (These) [Characters] *Matter*

That's right - parenthesis, brackets and asterisks are all proving to be successful subject line tactics. Take a look at the open rate increase metrics below:

Jay 2-1

Jay 3   

Jay 4

#3 The Fake Mistake 

Fake mistake open rates are also soaring, but what is a 'fake mistake'...?

It's when you make people think they've made a mistake in order to capture their attention. Take a look at some examples below:

Jake 5

Jake 6

Jake 7

#4 Vs Subject Lines

People are loving comparisons at the moment (Vs.) in subject lines. For B2B, this is seeing a 21% increase in open rates. 

Examples may include, 

Porcelain tiles Vs. Concrete pavers: Who wins?

Palisade Vs Mesh Fencing: Who comes out victorious?

#5 The Three Dots of Power... 

Using ellipsis in your subject lines is seeing an open rate increase of 31% for B2B. 

Jay 8

It creates suspense and intrigue...

#6 😮Bookend Emojis Are Working😮

That's right, bookend emojis are seeing an increase in open rate of 31%. 

They stand out, they get you noticed. 

Examples include:

Jay 9

Jay concludes that we, as humans, are all morons. We love emojis. They entertain us!

Check out these key emoji metrics:

Jay 10

#7 Top 5 Most Annoying People Are...

Lists! Lists are the secret sauce of email marketing right now. 

We're seeing a 34% open rate increase for B2B brands who use lists in their email subject lines.

For your building product brand, we're talking:

  • Top 5 external flooring solutions
  • 6 reasons to choose Acrylicon resin flooring
  • 9 design trends architects are loving right now

#8 Words matter 

Here are some of the most successful subject line words right now: 

Jay 11

#9 your Friendly from address matters

Possibly one of the most insightful pieces of info to come from this presentation - your 'friendly from address'. 

It gives you a license to send more! 

You can change your from address according to your campaign. 

Here's an example from American supermarket brand, Walmart: 

jay 12

Won't These emails send to people's junk folders?

You may be thinking... emojis, brackets, the word 'FREE', would flag up as spam and automatically end up in people's spam folders. 

This is, in fact, a dated fact. 

You get filtered into someone's spam folder based on the sending reputation of your IP address, and if the domain that you're delivering your email from is trusted. 

So, feel free to use those emojis and watch your open rates soar!


So many cool facts in one session! All of this information can easily be adapted to your building product brand. 

I, for one, can't wait to use some of these tactics on my client's campaigns. 

And if you're a building product brand who'd like to stay at the cutting edge of everything digital marketing, don't hesitate to get in touch with a team member here at Insynth.