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How To Convert Social Media Followers To Buyers

How To Convert Social Media Followers To Buyers

How To Convert Social Media Followers To Buyers - Social Media digital marketing construction marketing Insynth

Many companies struggle to justify time spent on social media as they can’t see a ROI.

Depending on your business, especially in the building materials sector it can be hard to see how social media contributes to your sales.

As the products are a higher risk due to price, the nature of the product and how long they can be booked in for with companies, social media is an opportunity to reassure.

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Invest In Multiple Social Marketing Platforms

It’s common and advised to be on more than one social media platform. That’s not to say that you need to be on every single platform as you won’t be able to stay consistent and effective on all of them.

It’s best to pick between 2-4 that you’re going to post on regularly. Below is a chart to show the most popular platforms people are actively using. This should give you an idea of the platforms you should be on or at least try.

Social platforms active user account hootsuite

Being present on multiple platforms will highlight to you who your most engaging target audience are and which platform you should spend your most time on.


Knowing Your Target Market

After you’ve expanded your social media presence, you next need to identify your target market. These are the people who are ready to buy what you offer.

Use the tools and analytics the social media platforms provide to pinpoint information about your audience. This will allow you to understand their buyer behaviour.

This approach will help you maximum success in your social media campaigns.

For instance, if your buyer persona spends their day on Instagram whilst you’re busy posting on LinkedIn, then what are the chances of you converting them? Nil, because you’re missing your target.

Ultimately your audience will decide which social media platforms you'll be on.

Once you understand your audience you’ll be able to make insightful marketing decisions that will connect with your buyer persona and potentially convert you followers into leads and customers.

An example of this is if your engagement spikes at 6pm on a Wednesday night then make sure you post every Wednesday at 6pm.

Distinguish patterns of when your personas interact with your content on social media. Is it at lunchtime, is it early in the morning when they’re commuting? Think about where and what they are doing, this way you can ensure the content you post at that time is relevant.

How do you do this?

The most obvious thing is to trial posting different content at different times of the day. Do blogs do better in the evenings or when people are on their lunch break? Do people enjoy reading your latest case study in work time?

The more you test the quicker you’ll be able to identify your buyer personas through their behaviour.

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Provide Customer Service On Social Media

One of the most important elements that ensures customers return again in the future is customer service. It's also a opportunity to reassure prospects 

90% of respondents say they use social media to communicate directly with businesses, with a whopping 71% of online customers expecting to receive a response within 5 minutes of reaching out to a company.

Although customer service can be highly effective without the use of social media, it allows you to almost promote and advertise yourself as a helpful business. 

For instance if you're dealing with customer queries through email and on the phone, only the person on the receiving end get to experience how well you dealt with their query.

When replying on social media you're posting publicly, so your response is visible to anyone that looks you up or follows you.

This gives you an opportunity to provide the best customer service possible and handle the query effectively.



When posting on social media, whether it's a scheduled post or a response, always be aware of how you come across as other people will be reading your conversations and comments.

Think of every post as an opportunity to present your company as not only the expert within its sector but also the most helpful and approachable. 

Price is no longer the most important factor of why a company gets chosen for a job, customer service is. Included in this is trust and reliability that your company will deliver.

Insynth's approach is to help first and sell second.

Get in touch today to find out how Insynth can help with your social media management.

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