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How To Bounce Back With The Right SEO Tactics

How To Bounce Back With The Right SEO Tactics

As the world starts to repair itself and we see a gradual change in behaviours, make sure your company can be found in a time where there may be less choice.

Each company’s approach has been different to this crisis, for some it’s given them the realisation that being digital plays a key part in future proofing your business, others will adapt the way they work forever, with less office and requesting staff to work from home and some sadly might not make it.

Discover how you can bounce back with a kick-ass approach to digital marketing, starting with your SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it’s the process of getting traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Search engines like Google don’t just see your website and rank you on page 1. You have to tell Google this is what we do through the use of content marketing, keywords, image optimisation, back-links, keyword rich product pages and so much more.

How to bounce back with the right SEO tactics - Construction marketing

SEO doesn’t rely on one thing done well, instead it includes a wide array of things that all need to be healthy and good quality. Google can punish you for doing things incorrectly such as not having a secure site, or copying and pasting the same content as it provides the user with a bad experience.


Bouncing Back With Blogging

People are researching online like never before, giving you a better opportunity at winning jobs by having a good digital marketing strategy, content marketing is a great way to improve your SEO for a number of reasons, these include:

  • They are posts rather than pages so your website doesn’t get cluttered
  • They allow you to expand further and go into greater detail than on your website pages
  • You have a better chance of ranking highly with a blog than your website pages

Imagine your trying to rank for a broad term such as ‘water filtration systems’. This could be interpreted in a number of ways by business and domestic use with thousands of websites using this term.

By focusing on a longer search term like ‘water filtration systems for industrial processes’, you streamline the traffic to people only interested in your specific phrase. It’s likely to have less volume of search, making it easier to rank for and the traffic more genuine.


This in turn increases your bounce rate, adding to your SEO efforts.

For an in-depth look at blogging - Download our Essential Guide To Content Marketing.

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Bouncing Back With BACK-LINKS

You can build back-links in a number of different ways. Right now, the best option would to use magazines and product directories that have a good reputation and are trying to help their database get business.

Many subscriptions to directories allow you to upload unlimited content, increasing the amount of back-links you have. This not only gets you in front of your audience more but also helps build your Domain authority.

How to bounce back with the right SEO tactics - construction marketing

Partnering up with other companies is also crucial, as businesses across the nation face a situation like never before, reach out and offer a helping hand.

Companies suppliers and manufacturers haven’t been able to fulfil orders, building a network of similar companies around you within the sector could not only benefit your business but your SEO too.

The more credible websites that link back to you, the higher your domain authority will be. Domain authority is one of the many factors Google takes into account when ranking your website.

For an in-depth look into link building - check out our blog - SEO In Construction Marketing: Link Building


Bouncing Back With Optimised Images

Did you know that 63% of users that click on an image on Google, then go on to view the website. So if you aren’t optimising your images, you’re missing a trick.

Google only reads text.

Just think about that for a moment, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, but google only reads text.

So if you’ve spent time and money getting a professional to photograph your jobs and your work, unless you’ve optimised it in a way Google likes, that image will never show up in image search.

Just like with content marketing, using short broad terms will make it harder to rank, so the more detailed you can be the better.

You need to physically name your image with your keywords and what’s relevant to the picture. For example if you want to be found for ‘Chimney Repairs For Listed Buildings’ then name your image that rather than D005876.jpeg.

You also need to include your keywords on your image alt tag and within the text around where the image is placed.

For more information on images - check out our blog How To Optimise Images For SEO



Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to bounce back as a business and your online strategy should be a part of this.

Digital marketing is a long term solution, your website should act as your 24hr sales person, that never gets sick or has a day off, and is consistent with it's approach. Many businesses have realised during this crisis that many jobs can be done from home. This may mean offices downsize and some workforce work from home more.

With this, people will turn to the internet for their research, even more so than they do now. That's why it's critical when people are searching for the solution you provide, you're being found.

For any help and advice on how to approach digital marketing, whether you know a lot or a little, get in touch today. Insynth works alongside building products businesses to help them achieve their growth goals with expert digital knowledge, just take a look at the success stories.

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