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5 Ways Team Management Systems Can Increase Efficiency

5 Ways Team Management Systems Can Increase Efficiency

As we move towards the digital way of working, team management tools have become a necessity for many businesses, especially whilst working remotely. Not only do these tools enable the organisation and management of your team, but they can also help to increase efficiency.

Tools like ClickUp, Monday and asana can help to not only manage your team but increase their efficiency.

What are the 5 ways a team management system will boost efficiency?


1.      Less time spent on in-person briefs

Team management tools reduce the time spent on 1 to 1 task briefs, without completely replacing the need.

Being able to set out exactly what’s needed from your team for each task is a huge advantage to any team leader. As instead of having to arrange meetings with each member of the team which may take half an hour each, they can spend an hour at the start of the week setting out briefs for each task needed to be done that week.

This can then free up your managers time to focus on bigger picture tasks, as opposed to day to day briefs. Of course, your team may still need to have certain areas of the task cleared up, but using these tools will free up the time of management, therefore boosting their efficiency.


2.      The day is set out

Many people have lived in the scenario where you get into work, sit down at your desk and think “what do I have to do today?”. This time over the week adds up, and before you know it, an hour of your week has been lost just by working out what you’re meant to be doing.

A team management tool cuts this time from 60 minutes a week, to 60 seconds. You simply have to open up the app and decide what you want to do first, as all of your tasks are set out in front of you.

This extra capacity throughout the week can then be used to work through tasks, even if they’re only small, your team are still getting more work done in the same amount of time throughout the week, making them more efficient.


3.      Your team can own their day

Team management tools give your team a sense of control over their time, at the end of the day, your employees know when their most productive work is done. Nobody likes getting into work and being told they have to work on a challenging task first thing.

As your team can see what needs to be done in the day, they may know in themselves that their most productive times are in the afternoon, so will be able to push their more challenging tasks until then.

Having control over your day will increase your teams' efficiency, as they will be more motivated. A modern phenomenon has recently been discovered, and it’s called ‘revenge bedtime procrastination’. This is where those who have little control over their day, stay up late at night to gain that sense of control.

Using a team management tool gives your team a subconscious sense of control, and leads to an increase in their motivation for work, and their efficiency, as they aren’t tired during the day, have had enough sleep and are refreshed to go again.

4.      You can monitor your team’s workload

From a management point of view, a team management tool is a must, when using tools like ClickUp, you can monitor your teams progress, and monitor their capacity. Using this feature, along with time tracking, you can work out how long your team are taking on tasks, and coincide that with their capacity for the day, allowing you to make the most of their time.

In many apps, like ClickUp, your team management tool will prevent you from assigning tasks to your team when they’re overcapacity. This will ensure your team don’t feel overwhelmed, and will not only increase efficiency but the quality of their work.


5.      enables you to track your team’s time

Being able to track time is a very key part of boosting your teams' efficiency, as it’ll give u a better understanding of how long certain tasks take. This will then allow you to ensure your team are working to their full capacity and make the most of their time.

When people are worked under capacity, they tend to lose efficiency and waste time. This is due to them trying to fill their day. If your team are worked to full capacity they will have a sense of fulfilment from their job, giving them motivation, and boosting efficiency.



Boosting efficiency in your building products business can only benefit you in the long run. With more tasks being complete in the same amount of time, it can only help drive your business forward.

Using tools like ClickUp will not only boost your efficiency but your teams' motivation and morale. Making your workplace a better environment to be in.