A quick rundown of my highlights of the week at my very first Inbound 2017.  If this is anything to go by, then it will be the first of many trips to Boston.

# 5 - The Food Trucks in the Sunshine

Refuelling ready for the afternoon sessions at Inbound

Who turned up the temperature - balmy days in September were the icing on the cake in Boston.  But a guy's gotta eat right!  Boy, Inbound 2017 did not disappoint.  Fish & Chips, toasted cheese sandwiches, teriyaki chicken, pizza, curry, you name it, they had it.

What a wonderful way to recharge and refuel ready for the afternoon sessions.

#4 - Ed Catmull - 

Ed Catmull at Inbound 2017

The Pixar founder who brought us Buzz Lightyear, Sully, Lightning McQueen provided a masterclass in developing creativity in your organisation.  Ed defined creativity as the process of how we solve problems and explained it as a response to when things go wrong.

In Ed's examples from Pixar and Disney, he built trust in peer to peer networks where protocol and barriers were removed to allow creativity to flow between teams to address challenges in the filmmaking process.  More on his processes can be found in his acclaimed book, Creativity, Inc.

#3 - The hilarious Brian & Dharmesh Puppets


Brian And Dharmesh Puppets Inbound 17 Dude, you're a puppet


What a way to open, Inbound legends and Hubspot founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah were transformed into cool puppets to stop them getting to Inbound.  So clever - catch the video here on youtube

What followed were two compelling keynotes about scale-up culture, delighting customers and growing to be better as individuals and companies.

Supporting their message were the new product announcements for Hubspot, including Sales Professional, Conversations, Customer Hub and the intriguing integration of Motion.ai.  More info on these features can be found here.

#2 - Inbound Rocks

Inbound Rocks 2017

After 2 full-on days of intense learning, it was such a welcome change to see these two funny and controversial, comedians.  Tiffany Haddish opened and there were tears literally running down my face, although I'm not 100% sure if they were from laughter or fear - boy this girl has some crazy shit going on inside her head - and she just lets it all come out with no filters.

Judd Apatow followed with an array of self-depreciating tales interwoven with huge amounts of political satire and irony.  A hugely popular stand-up performance from Judd really capped off an amazing day.

#1 - Michelle Obama


You could run out of superlatives writing about this amazing woman.  She is such a natural and engaging orator that she captivated the 21,000 audience with her stories and tales of living in the White House and her life before and since.

Without mentioning Donald Trump's name once, she was gracious in her support for the office, but clearly, she is not happy with the manner in which the POTUS is conducting himself, especially in his attempts to unpick the work of the previous administration.

On this performance at Inbound 2017, you cannot rule out a serious tilt for the Presidency sometime in the future from her.

Special Mention - Mark Jeffries


The host with the most - the Inbound MC Mark gave us a better "pick me up" every morning than a double espresso.  His anecdotes about presenting, coupled with a few hints and tips were a great start to each day and the only complaint is that we didn't see more of him during the week.

So there you go, these were my highlights of Inbound 2017.  Leave me a comment on your highlights below, or to find out more about what I learnt and how you can use this knowledge in your business, contact me or follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.  More information on how Insynth Marketing can help you on your Inbound journey can be found on our website.

Leigh Simpson

Written by Leigh Simpson

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