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Code for Construction Product Information

The CCPI is set to radically change the route to specification. But what does this mean for you?


What is the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI)?

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) is a method developed by the Construction Products Association's Marketing Integrity Group. The CCPI seeks to address the issues around clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous product information in construction.

The CCPI was created in response to the Grenfell tragedy and particularly the questions it proposed around safety and product information within the construction industry - essentially the CCPI is here to ensure that another Grenfell never happens again.


What Does This Mean For Construction Product Businesses? 

The CCPI requires you to have a dedicated person responsible for your product information across all of your channels while maintaining the 11 clauses needed to be CCPI compliant. Therefore, you will either need to employ a specialist or add the responsibility to an existing staff members workload.

Not only this, but construction product companies who meet the CCPI's requirements will be awarded a certification to demonstrate that their ‘Product Information’ is in compliance with the CCPI. Because of these reasons, the CCPI will undoubtedly change your route to specification, and your internal business operations.

Putting this into context, 74% of specifiers select products based on their technical performance, and if your business is unable to display a CCPI certificate then you could potentially lose 74% of your audience instantly. This will put unheard-of pressure on your website to communicate the clearest and most up to date information, all while being a lead generation machine.


How Do You Achieve a CCPI Certificate 

There are 3 steps to take if you want to gain a CCPI certification.

Step 1: Duty Of Care

Ensure your product is actually safe. As a construction product manufacturer, you have a duty of care for whomever you supply to and without this step, you won't be able to progress through the process.

Step 2: Registration

You will need to register online to participate in the Code for Construction Product Infomation.

Step 3: Assessment

You will then need to undertake an assessment online to validate your commitment to the principles of the CCPI.

Once you've completed Step 3, you'll be prompted to submit evidence and information to support your businesses compliance with the 11 clauses of the code. This submission will then be assessed and independently verified to establish if they meet the standards of the CCPI.

Once your business completes the verification process, you will receive and a numbered certification licence to demonstrate that your company is in compliance with the CCPI.

Things To Note

  • The initial licence will be valid for one year
  •  Your licence will be subject to spot checks
  • You will need to report any changes, such as launching a new website, adding a completely new product range or expanding the CCPI licence to a wider business e.g. after an acquisition or a merger
  • The licence is renewable each year which will involve a re-assessment to ensure continued compliance



There is an initial fee incurred which will cover the assessment and license registration however, the payable amount is subject to the size of the organisation.

CPA has stated that they expect the annual renewal fee to be slightly lower.


How Can Insynth Help You?

The CCPI will inevitably compel construction product businesses to go online - we help you to do this properly. We create educational content and digital assets in compliance with the CCPI as well as supercharging your website - essentially nullifying the headache CCPI proposes.

Being construction product specialists with over 30 years of experience, we help ambitious building product brands to generate predictable flows of leads, specifications, and customers in unpredictable times, simultaneously guiding you through the turbulent digital landscape.

And just in case you were wondering:

- No, we don't work in other industries 
- No, we don't work with your competitors
- And we certainly don't tie you into long term retainers
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