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A 7 step guide to a sustainable lead engine 


If you want to increase the amounts of warm leads you generate, and to accommodate the modern specifier, look no further.

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Demystify lead generation


How do you plan on generating leads in 2022? 


Because if you're like any of the people we spoke to at UK Construction Week, you'll be investing in exhibitions. In fact, 72% of those asked said they would, although 72.6% said they considered digital marketing a more important investment.


So were we, but why is this, and how does the 7 Pillars to Lead Generation guide help?




The Sales & Marketing Paradox

Many construction product businesses underestimate the power of digital until they realise that 98% of specifiers go to Google first to conduct product research, and in doing so they have completely changed the traditional route to specification for construction product businesses like yourself.

This means the ways you generate leads and even reach specifiers must change if you want to remain competitive.

If you don't adapt then you'll find yourself losing marketing share and for some businesses, they'll lose even more than that.

The 7 Pillars To Lead Generation reveals how you should traverse the new lead gen landscape in a system that will generate a sustainable lead engine.

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The 7 Pillars To Lead Generation Guide

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The 7 Pillars of Lead Generation is a comprehensive plan to provide your building material business with a steady stream of new leads to grow your business and increase profitability.

Each pillar relies on the others to create a solid structure and, without giving each pillar sufficient attention, the entire structure could collapse.

We delve into each pillar in detail, giving you actionable information on how to generate leads sustainably.



A snapshot of the guide:


  • A complex formula compressed into 7 simple steps
  • A new look, designed to allow quick learning with minimal time spent reading
  • Real-world examples of the techniques advised in the guide
  • Painless tips on how to improve your lead gen engine
  • A comprehensive overview of how you can optimise your lead generation strategy
  • How you can hold your Marketing and Sales teams accountable

Why You Should Trust Us 

Our method isn't an 'experiment' it's a proven approach to improve revenue. In fact we have generated over £130 million worth of deals for our clients in 2021, which has resulted in us being shortlisted for 9 Construction Marketing Awards!

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Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for good people with great products who are looking to optimise their lead engine for significant growth in 2022, does that sound like you?

Whether you're a large multinational or a small family business, you need to generate leads and finding an optimised way to do this can revolutionise your revenue engine.

Make cold calls a thing of the past and let the leads come to you!


What are you waiting for, get your copy below!