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5 Hacks To Boost Your Social Media



Creating captivating B2B social media post ideas can be… challenging.

But in this video, I’ll be highlighting 10 ways to get your posts noticed.

I’m Rich Newsome – Head Writer at Insynth and this is Five hacks to boost your Building product brand’s social media campaigns.

Let’s be honest. If you’re in B2B social, you know it has a bit of a reputation for being kind of dull. One survey even found 48% of B2B customers say the ads they receive are boring and lack the creativity found in B2C marketing.

Don’t let this misconception turn you off of B2B social. In fact, social is an integral component to successful B2B marketing. Seventy-nine percent of B2B marketers say social supports their goals of building thought leadership and strengthening customer relationships. And half of B2B decision makers use networks like LinkedIn to research information and consume information.

Without further ado… let's begin

Numero uno . When in doubt, be helpful

One of the biggest pitfalls of B2B social is the bad habit of pushing hard-selling messaging. But that kind of messaging overlooks one important thing: how does your product or service address your buyer’s pain points?

Write with your prospects top of mind and focus on their needs first. Social copy should demonstrate how the product or service can help make the prospect’s life easier.

Number 2 Curate third-party thought leadership

It’s bad manners to talk about yourself all the time. B2B social media best practices include sharing owned content as well as third-party, industry-focused articles to establish trust and credibility.

So don’t be afraid to re-share connections’ content – and other industry-related news

Number 3 - Embrace the hashtag

Regardless of how you feel about hashtags, they do make an impact on your social content. If you’re not using a few hashtags per post, you’re missing opportunities to amplify the post beyond your existing followers.
This is particularly true for platforms like Twitter

Number four – Don’t skimp on creativity

Seventy-one percent of B2B marketers currently use video as part of their strategy and thanks to tools like Canva and Adobe Spark, it no longer takes hours on end to produce a polished video. Even a video with simple animated text is more exciting and informative than a single static image or a long block of text in the caption.

Number 5 – Take people behind the scenes

Break up your social feed and differentiate yourself from the competition by showcasing the people who work behind the scenes of your brand. Regardless if you’re selling a product or a service, at the end of the day you’re selling to other people. And when customers feel like they can relate to your brand, they’re more likely to want to do business with you.

Whether it’s a factory tour – or some charity initiative, showing people a face behind the brand is a great way to establish trust

There you have it, folks – 5 ways to do a better job on social media.

Implementing even a few of these tips will help you improve your B2B marketing efforts and break away from the sea of sameness on social. While B2B may not be the same animal as B2C, there are still opportunities to exercise your creativity and create an effective social strategy that isn’t boring.

And don’t forget to download our guide to social media – where we’ve got loads of handy tips, tricks and hacks to get the most out of your social media campaigns.