We're Hiring..

We are very pleased to announce that Jon Gamble will join the Insynth senior team as Head of Campaign Strategy.

About Jon

Jon comes to us with 20 years of senior management experience helping to grow technology start-ups and multinational companies in both front-line and advisory roles across the building technology industry.  He is passionate about supporting businesses that deliver environmental sustainability and improvements to peoples' lives. Jon has expertise in market research and strategic planning having worked with companies such as Zoopla, GE, Siemens, Philips, Panasonic and Toshiba.

When asked about his extensive experience, Jon said:

"During the last 20 years, I've had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the global tech industry. An engineer at heart, I love looking for ways that innovation can solve day-to-day problems and improve lives. Currently, there is no single industry with more potential for change than the built environment. Collectively as marketers, we have an opportunity to have a major impact on the environment and quality of life through the promotion of new materials, better processes and smart building technologies."

After graduating from The University of York with a degree in Electronics Engineering, Jon joined IMS Semiconductor Research as employee number 5, managing the Global Power & Energy Division and helping grow the business to its acquisition by IHS. He then worked independently as a strategic marketeer and venture capital advisor on over £250m of investment and M&A deals up until joining Insynth. 


Outside of work Jon Is always up for an adventure 

As a parent, Jon understands the importance of a good education, spending a year as VC of Governors at his children's school.

With that in mind, he hopes to begin travelling again and encourages his children to see and experience different parts of the world, to develop an appreciation of different cultures and take ideas from how societies in different countries operate. Jon plans to learn to windsurf this year and hopefully also fit in a few gigs on the guitar.


Jon's Responsibilities 

Jon will oversee all client accounts ensuring, and managing their effectiveness. As Head of Campaign Strategy, Jon's responsibilities will include:

  • Planning sophisticated digital marketing campaigns for Insynth's clients 
  • Ensuring accountability for delivering tangible results
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, to better deliver on your goals

Jon is currently on an intensive onboarding to get him up to speed with the inbound methodology and our client accounts. Please join us in extending a heartfelt welcome to Jon as he begins his journey with Insynth. 


Dorian Wallace

Written by Dorian Wallace

Dorian is the Marketing Manager at Insynth, responsible for the marketing and positioning of the Insynth brand. He is also 2021's Emerging Agency Star of The Year in UK construction marketing.