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What Is The Code For Construction Product Information (CCPI)?


The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) is a method developed by the CPAs Marketing Integrity Group (MIG). The CCPI seeks to address the issues around clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible, and unambiguous construction product information. It encompasses 11 comprehensive Clauses which you must be compliant with in order to gain a CCPI certification, you can see these below.


The real issue begins with the logistics of gaining a CCPI certification in each of its 11 Clauses. But rest assured, we are here to help.


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 how we help

You may have heard about the recent changes to Construction Product Infomation, and although there are many opinions on the CCPI, it offers immense opportunities for building product businesses that hit the ground running. To get you up to speed, we examine your process to identify whether it allows clear and easily trackable communication regarding your Product Information; this enables the CCPI to access your product information and changes made to it seamlessly, with minimal effort from you.


We also audit every page on your immediate website to identify if:

- The product information communicated is factually accurate.
- Images, videos, and graphics are accurate to the product being referred to.
- Your website displays the necessary product information needed to be CCPI compliant.
- The language used is unambiguous, clear and accurate.
- That you have dedicated person responsible for your Product Infomation.
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Step 1) Optimising Your Process 

You must have a robust system for managing product information to be CCPI compliant, we examine your existing version control process to identify and rectify any anomalies. 

If needed, we are able to set up a seamless online system that is easily manageable and trackable. Thus, allowing you to efficiently update product information while maintaining the transparency that the CCPI requires.

An essential aspect of these Clauses is your ability to confirm the product information communicated is correct - e.g., QR code, digital object identifier(s) or similar, to direct to correct information.

Step 2) Easily Accessible Information 

We conduct an audit into your immediate website identifying language, imagery, and content that could be perceived as ambiguous. We will organise this data in an easily readable format, ready to be actioned upon.

This is the same when communicating your achievements, classifications or industry standards such as UKAS, CPR, BSI, and CEN. We help you organise these classifications on your website, backed up by a thorough record of any form of testing to achieve CCPI certification.

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Step 3) Ensure Staff Competency with Digital CPD

A digital CPD is an indispensable tool when ensuring your staff is competent regarding your construction product and your product information.

You must prove you have a robust system when educating staff on your product information, especially those responsible for producing and publishing product information, especially when it comes to Clause 11.

However, this is easier said than done, as it can quickly become a time-consuming aspect of CCPI compliance. To simplify this we create digital CPD resources, available on demand.


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