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Why Using a Construction Marketing Agency Is The Way To Go

Why Using a Construction Marketing Agency Is The Way To Go

There are so many marketing agencies out there it can be difficult to know which one will help solve your issues. We understand that not every marketing agency is going to solve your problems.

Some questions that may have crossed you mind might've been:

  • Will a generic marketing agency do what needs to be done well?
  • Are there specialist agencies for my business niche?
  • Will they know exactly how to solve my problems?

You might think a generic marketing agency will have what it takes to solve your issues, but you might want to think otherwise...

  • Do they understand construction well enough? So they can develop the right strategies and materials that will be effective.
  • If you are a B2B business, do they know how to tailor strategies for this business model? (Many generic agencies are B2C orientated).
  • Are they aware of the different business channels within your sector? Can they target these channels effectively enough to bring you a strong ROI?

With that in mind, using a specialised construction marketing agency for your business niche seems to be the more viable option doesn't it?

Below will cover some key points as to why working with a construction marketing agency is the way to go in this new digital age.


Why you need an agency that specialises in digital marketing


For as long as I can remember, traditional marketing was the old stuff. You know like:

  • Print e.g. Newspapers and Magazines,
  • Broadcast e.g. TV and Radio,
  • Trade shows & exhibitions
  • Direct mail e.g. Flyers and Leaflets,
  • Phone e.g. Cold Calls
  • and Outdoor Adverts e.g. Billboards and Posters.

Basically anything that wasn't online was known as traditional marketing. But now marketing is not how it used to be, digital marketing is the new norm and businesses everyday are embracing it.

However getting your head around it isn't always as easy as counting your A,B,C's. This is why there have been a surge in recent years of digital marketing agencies opening up to help businesses who need expert support with this area.

A digital marketing agency has a deep understanding of the new ways and tactics of marketing. They have a more agile and dynamic approach that is heavily data driven as well as being hyper-curious on the subject.

A digital marketing agency has an instant understanding of all your digital channels and where to improve without the need for a lengthy research and review session.

With digital marketing there is a deep rabbit hole yet to explore if you’re not already in it.

So many different avenues and strategies of marketing can be used, understanding which one suits your building products business can be hard to determine.

Having your head around this would massively help with your marketing efforts, but it isn't a quick and easy job.

It may take a good few months or even years for someone to fully grasp these complexities so it may be worthwhile working with experts that are already on top of all this.

Why you need an agency that only works with building products businesses


An agency that only works with the building products industry will provide great guidance and expertise in marketing, and how to tailor it to this sector.

A general marketing agency would not know how to specifically tailor marketing activities to our industry.

There are many nuances and specific insights that would only be understood through studying the industry deeply, or having previous experience in it.

An agency specialised only in marketing for building products businesses will provide the right guidance and will specifically understand what you require.

The ease of communication and understanding would aid the development of effective strategies in quick succession.

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What if these two agency types were all under one roof?

So imagine if these two types of agencies were all under one roof?

You would have the best possible agency for your building products business wouldn't you? 

After all, you have an agency that is already well versed in the unique dynamics of the construction sector, and digital marketing. You can benefit from both by letting their expertise develop strategies and materials to give you the best possible chance at achieving your goals.

So how would a construction marketing agency benefit you?

Constant updating and keeping track of both digital marketing and construction industry trends and changes

A construction marketing agency will constantly update their knowledge base of new industry trends/ changes both digital marketing and construction.

Both industries are very dynamic and never stay in one place. It can be easy to fall behind and get lost within the mist of it all.

Knowing the right sources of information to follow will make sure you're keeping up-to-date with the right topics.

Not all the information is online, a lot of insider information can be released through word of mouth even more it hits the web.

Being ahead of the pack would ensure your marketing strategies and campaigns will have the best impact possible.

Competitive edge over competitors

There is no doubt these specialised agencies will provide a competitive edge for your business over competitors.

New innovative strategies/ campaigns developed by experts will ensure your business is seen by customers in a different light compared to your rivals. 

Remember the more impact and reach your marketing has the more likely you will attract more customers away from your competitors. And what best way to accomplish that is cost-effective, digital marketing of course. 

In some cases it is likely that your competitors haven't adopted this approach yet meaning you can be a step ahead and grow your market share.

Access to specific set of services

A construction marketing agency will most likely supply a specific set of services that are orientated to the construction and building products industry.

Often these services would be absent in general marketing agencies, therefore choosing a specialist construction marketing agency will no doubt benefit your construction/ building products business.

These services may include tailored reporting, targeted marketing or tactical testing methods. These would all be in line with the construction industry and the industry mindset.

Access to a specialist agency network

A marketing agency with the construction field will most likely have a strong network that they regularly interact with. This could be partner companies, friends with businesses, business acquaintances and so on.

This network can include any connections within both the digital marketing and construction industries.

It is likely someone will know someone that will know someone that can help you.

Just how the world works I guess. 

It can be very beneficial to have access to these connections which can help with specific issues you may have within either the digital or construction sphere.

Sometimes the best connections you make are from someone else recommending from their network. 

A strong network can help with almost any issue you may have within your business.

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The Inbound methodology 

A new approach that has made its way in to the construction marketing industry is the inbound marketing approach. Generating leads and sales is now becoming automated with little effort.

There's no need anymore to do outreach whether that is cold-calling or selling face-to-face.

Generating leads online has proven to be a much cheaper, time effective strategy. 

A specialist construction marketing agency will know how to exactly strategise and position your digital platforms to generate plenty of qualified inbound leads for your business.

Setting up specific CRM and CMS software to automate all this, as well as the agency producing insightful content would give you plenty of time and also support your lead generation.

A generalist agency wouldn't correctly strategise, position and produce effective content for your lead generation as they would not have a deep enough insight to your specific niche.


Overall we can see there are quite a few key reasons why choosing a construction marketing agency is the way to go.

A construction or building products orientated business would require an agency who has a deep insight of the industry to produce the best applicable results. 

The last thing you want is to spend thousands on an agency that doesn't produce the results expected for your business, because they didn't know your industry well enough.

The best thing to keep in mind is knowing exactly the results you are after and learning more about the industry you want to work with, find specialists and see which one best suits your goals and needs.

If you would like to work on your inbound approach, or learn more about the topic in general to help your business. Contact us today to get a free consultation call with one of our construction marketing experts, and see how we can help you.


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At Insynth we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience.

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As the only HubSpot certified agency to major in construction marketing. We have a proven formula of bringing a variety of functionalities together including CRM Implementation, Web Design, Sales Automation, SEO, and Email Marketing to achieve your ultimate aim: Growing your business and gaining new specifiers and customers.

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