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Which CMS can help support your construction business?

Which CMS can help support your construction business?

When you’re taking your construction business digital, you must choose the right content management system (CMS) for you.

The only way you can decide which is best for you is by researching and testing a whole range of different CMS options to compliment your digital marketing efforts, so we’ve narrowed down our top 3, as well as what each one can offer your business to make the whole process easier for you.

What Do I Want From My CMS?

Your CMS is there to help you build and manage your website with very limited technical knowledge, as well as work as one with your business. A CMS shouldn’t be an added task, it should be integrated to work with you, and overall make your digital transition as straight forward as possible.

Above anything, your CMS should be easy to use, as managing and updating your content is essential to ensure growth, and let's be honest, if your CMS is complex you’re not going to want to use it often. The more user-friendly it is, the more you’re likely to use it.

The most important part of any CMS is the integration to your current website. This is key in being able to make changes and dates to your website, and use it as a lead generation tool, and make get the most reward from your investment.

If you’re not sure on how to integrate your CMS and website, we can help you, just click here.

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The Best CMS Options For Your Business

There are many options when it comes to selecting your CMS system, however, not all of them are that good.

We’ve comprised a top 3, to highlight the best options for you and your construction business.


When it comes to a free CMS System, WordPress is arguably one of the best availably and tends to be a favourite with all businesses, due to its functionality with next to no financial investment.

WordPress is also accessible to anyone, no matter how much experience they have. You can make your portal complex, or you can streamline it to make it straight forward, and use many different pre-built templates to publish and format your content.  

As it is built to be SEO-ready, WordPress is ready to go from day one, allowing you to optimise your content to increase your rankings, making it perfect for both beginners, and CMS experts.

However, there are some 'hidden costs' with WordPress, mainly needed for maintenance, updates and plugins - some of which are essential to get the most out of your website. 


HubSpot is perfectly suited to content management, giving you an easy layout to access everything you need, and even allows you to create content in the system. Its simple layout makes it easy to navigate, whether you want to upload a blog, create a landing page, or schedule a marketing email, HubSpot allows you to do it.

HubSpot even allows you to Split test content, to show you what performs best with your audience, which isn’t available on any other CMS on this list.

However, unlike with WordPress when you have full access for free, HubSpot does have a cost of around £245 a month, however, we feel due to the superiority of HubSpot, compared to its competitors, it is fully justifiable and this cost covers any maintenance or updates needed with the system.

If you’re not 100% sure HubSpot is for you, why not download the free version, and get a taste of what makes it great, before you make a decision. We can even help you integrate HubSpot into your business, to make it hassle-free for you.


Squarespace allows its users to build a professional and clean looking website, making it ideal for businesses focused on a sleek aesthetic. 

It’s built-in selection of pre-built content templates and website themes that can be tailored to your industry. This makes Squarespace a viable option for newcomers to the digital scene in the construction industry, as it allows you to create a decent quality website, without needing to code it.

Squarespace integrates with Getty Images to make sourcing and implementing images easier.

The entry-level Squarespace plan is around £10 monthly, and a 2-week free trial is also available when a years subscription is paid upfront. However, if you want to create an eCommerce website for your construction business, you will need to upgrade and pay for a more premium package. 

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The importance of choosing the right CMS for you is unmeasurable in the digital age, usually, due to the training and implementation of it into your business, as this can take time. 

If you’re changing your CMS every 6 months, are staff likely to want to learn it, if they feel it will change again? 

In terms of our recommendation, we strongly suggest HubSpot for your business, due to the fact it offers the same as every CMS as well as so much more. 

Insynth can help you integrate HubSpot for you, to make the transition just that little bit easier for you.