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What You Should Look For When Researching Marketing Agencies

What You Should Look For When Researching Marketing Agencies

Finding the right marketing agency for you building products business can be like walking through a digital minefield.

There are so many out there it is easy to be overwhelmed.

But there is a way around this and it is not as hard as you may believe it to be!

Below are a six things you should look for when researching marketing agencies.

1. specialisation

This is probably one of the most important things to consider when looking for a marketing agency: are they specialised for the construction industry?

Of course there would be value in working with generalist agencies but the experience and knowledge specialised construction marketing agencies would have will be invaluable for your marketing strategies.

Not to mention the difference in marketing approaches both may have. 

A generalist agency may be more B2C focused, where as a construction marketing agency would be most likely B2B focused.

2. The agency’s own online presence

Lets be honest, if you're looking for a construction marketing agency to help with improving your online presence, doesn't it make sense to see how well their's is first?

Of course if they are going to improve your website and your social media channels, their's should already be very good.

The experts should showcase their expertise and practice what they preach, right?

Be wary of agencies that claim to experts in certain fields, like website design. A tip is to find out how effective their pages are, you'll be able to gauge whether they truly are or not.

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3. Their past work/ case studies/ results

Find out if they show previous work done, this will give you a strong idea of what they will be able to do for you.

Did they generate results for clients that you want as well? Perfect! That means they will be able to do the same for you.

If not then don't stress, a few more clicks and there will likely be an agency that will.

A good tip is to compare case studies with other agencies if you're having a difficult time deciding which one to choose.

Identify the differences in creativity, strategies and implementation. See what the results were and which one best suits what you want to achieve.

If you can't find any case studies on an agency's site, get in touch with them and ask to seem some. If they are reluctant to then that might be a red flag.

4. Transparency

In your research, look for openness and transparency in terms of how the agency does their work and how they will work with you.

They should clearly outline the services, reporting and results you will receive.

  • Is it clearly stated on their website?
  • Do they provide clear honest information compared to other agencies?

If that's the case then you know they are an honest and trustworthy agency to work with. They will most likely have your best interests at heart and not be just focused on themselves.

5. value focused over price

A strong indicator an agency will be a good fit is their focus on providing value over price.

This shows you they care about giving you what you want over what they want.

Identify agencies that focus on understanding your problems first before stating any sort of price. That way you can see if they generally want to help you or get a quick buck out of you.

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6. The right fit for you business and goals

At the end of the day can they provide you with what you need? That is your main reason for hiring a marketing agency right?

  • Can the provide a certain amount of qualified leads?
  • Can they grow your online presence?
  • Can they update all your channels?
  • Can they implement strategies that will help your business thrive?

Whatever the reason is always keep this at the front of your mind, can they give me what I want?

If they can't then don't worry, there will be another agency who can.

All it'll take is a few more clicks!


There is an abundance of agencies out there but the specialised ones will help you in the most effective way.

A good idea is to learn as much as you can about this space so you will have a better understanding of the jargon when in discussions.

This will make it easier for you to find what you need in a shorter time.

If you would like help with your construction marketing, then get in touch! 

We focus on the inbound methodology to bring in better qualified leads to your building products business.

Book a meeting today with one of our construction marketing experts and see how we can help you!

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