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4 Considerations Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

4 Considerations Before Hiring A Marketing Agency

Searching for the right agency for your building products business can be challenging.

Identifying the strengths and differences of each agency is difficult, and identifying whether they will help you achieve your key objectives is also a challenge.

You want to make sure you find the right agency for your building products business because you're going to spend time and money so the ROI has to be worth it. 

However before searching for an agency, there are a few things you need to consider.

There are so many options it is easy to feel overwhelmed, and fall into an agency that may not be completely the best fit for your building products business.

So with that in mind here are four areas to consider before jumping on google to find your ideal agency.

1) Identify Your Reasons For Using An Agency

What are your specific reasons for deciding you want an agency to handle your digital marketing?

It is most likely you have a problem that needs solving and the way to solve it is digital marketing. Maybe you don't have an in-house team which has led to you deciding to outsource.

But lets go deeper than that.

  • Is it because you're behind on targets and need to bring in more leads/ sales?
  • Is a competitor attracting more customers away from your business?
  • Is it because you have understood that the old way of marketing isn't cutting it anymore, and so the new way of marketing digitally is something you need to adopt.

Whatever the reason is you need to be crystal clear on the problems you have and want to solve. That way you can filter the agencies that can and can't help you.

2) marketing and long-term business goals

What are your short-term, medium and long-term marketing goals within your business?

Knowing what you want out of your marketing is the key to finding the right agency that can help you bring that to life.

With a building products business your marketing goal might be to generate more leads from specifiers.

With this specific goal in mind you can then research agencies that specialise in lead generation within the construction sector.

Understanding the importance of defining your goals and using them to find the right agency will give you the best chance at making your marketing efforts successful.

That is the same with knowing your long-term business goals.

If you can visualise what you business will look like in the future and how the marketing will support that, you can then look at agencies that have done that with previous clients.

Looking through an agency's case studies will give you a strong idea of what they can do for you.

Are the results short or long-term?

You can filter out a lot of agencies with this information and focus on the ones that can meet your long-term business goals.

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3) Knowing Your ideal customer type you want to attract

Your ideal customer type should always be a priority with your marketing. But knowing which agencies can help you generate this is a different story.

Agencies will most likely be distinguished by the customer type they are able to generate for you, whether it is B2C or B2B.

The large majority of agencies are B2C orientated because there is more demand and is easier to market to.

However a building products business like yours may only work with B2B clients. But more importantly B2B clients that are in the construction sector.

Understanding the specific ideal customer type for your business will help you navigate through to the specialised niche agencies, that will be able to help generate what you want.

Don't worry if you have more than one ideal customer type, understanding an umbrella industry/niche they all fall under will help you look for the most suitable agency.

4) Understanding the Internet Audience and the digital space

Knowing your way around the online space is something that will save you a lot of time and confusion when it comes to searching for marketing agencies.

There is plenty of jargon in this space that can confuse anyone that isn't already well versed on the topic.

Do you know what SEO, PPC, or CPD mean? 

Well if you do that's brilliant!

But if you don't you might want to read up about them because you will be hearing plenty of them when you start searching.

Once you know more about this space you can understand better the services agencies offer and see which one will better suit your building products business and marketing goals.

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Overall, the key is understanding the reasons for your decision to outsource to a construction marketing agency.

Knowing the why (reasons for) and the what (what you hope to achieve) will help you understand the how (how you will be able to achieve it), which will guide you to the where (where to find the right agency to help me achieve this).

The information you develop here can be used to find the right agency initially and then adjusted to ensure your goals are achieved within the constantly evolving space of digital marketing.

Want some help on digital marketing? Then get in touch with us and see how our construction marketing experts can help you reach your business and marketing goals.

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