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What is Sales and Marketing Alignment & Why is it Important for Construction Businesses?

What is Sales and Marketing Alignment & Why is it Important for Construction Businesses?

Sales and marketing alignment is more important than you might first consider. When sales and marketing teams are misaligned, it can be detrimental for business growth and lead conversion.

Think about it, today’s buyer has evolved. They have the ability to research on their own, only contacting the company they want when they are so far down the sales funnel they are practically decided on your product.

How many people contact your company already decided on you, meaning your sales team had barely anything to do except give your quote?

According to research carried out by Darren Lester at SpecifiedBy, 98% of specifiers prefer to carry out product research online.

Today sales is part of the marketing mix. When you compound this with the fact that you can integrate a CRM and automation into your process, you can become so much more data driven with your strategy.

Being able to have this 360° view on your customer and how they move through the buyer’s stages, the whole system shifts from a sales-driven funnel to a marketing driven one.

What is Sales and Marketing Alignment

In your construction business you should strive towards making sure your sales and marketing activities are aligned. This includes them having the same goals, from customer experience to revenue.

Really, the sales and marketing teams should be working on the same mission, driving sales. You must build an equal accountability for achieving that goal. In an ideal world you would just have one department- the revenue one.

Sales and marketing alignment holds an incredible opportunity for your business to supercharge its growth and performance. Uniting the two processes together means you can improve your marketing return on investment as well as your sales team’s productivity.

When your sales and marketing departments are misaligned, inefficiencies arise. For example, up to 70% of marketing teams’ created content is never used by sales, in the B2B sector. By working together, you can make sure your marketing and sales teams serve each other better and work towards one objective.


Why You Need to Align Your Sales and Marketing

When sales and marketing are on the same page, your business can save time and money from increasing efficiency, making sure no efforts go to waste. Even better, conversions are likely to increase and sales cycles shorten, boosting revenue for your construction business.

When you create a single customer journey, that is fed into from both marketing and sales, you know exactly what steps to take with each prospect and what will move them further down the sales funnel. A CRM can allow you to see exactly which stage each of your leads are in, giving you a holistic view of the customer.

Sales and marketing alignment will allow you to move away from just lead generation, and actually improve your rates of conversion. Misaligned organisations fail to follow up on 50% of marketing leads, and 79% never turn into sales.

It is so important that we remove barriers, establish systems and help sales and marketing achieve alignment to maximise the value of every single lead generated. For alignment to work, you need people, processes and technology to work together and support one another in the pursuit of common goals.

When sales and marketing are aligned, marketing knows which leads to prioritise and nurture, which leads to pass to sales, and which sources and content perform best. Meanwhile, sales knows which leads are key opportunities, the context behind each lead, and how to nurture cold leads.

Conclusion: Getting Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

B2B companies that have aligned their sales and marketing have a 36% higher customer retention rate, a 20% higher customer lifetime value, and a 38% higher sales win rate.

Even better, they often save 30% on their customer acquisition cost and enjoy a 27% faster profit growth.

Want to learn more about sales and marketing alignment for your building products or construction business? Read our Complete Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment here.


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