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Website Development For Building Products And Construction

Website Development For Building Products And Construction

Suddenly we find ourselves with a lot of downtime. You may still be working but priorities may have changed. Not everyone’s workload has been affected by this pandemic, but there’s definitely a shift.

Those jobs that always get dropped to the bottom are suddenly on your to-do list as other customer work is put on the backbench.

If you’re in this situation then see this downtime as an opportunity to make some improvements. That way, when a version of normality returns, you’ll be ready for business.

Spring Clean Your Website

Although your construction website is your 24 hour a day sales rep, the first thing most people see when discovering you, and the go-to place that tells your customers exactly what you do, it’s more often than not forgotten about or set up incorrectly.

Now’s the time to make those improvements and update your website content.

First things first, make sure your contact page is up to date and it’s clear on your homepage whether details have changed due to restrictions. As certain people or teams get furloughed and telephones become unmanned, you may need to let people know how they can contact you.

Equally, if you’ve diverted your phones and the number is still the same, let people know! Tell them we are still here to take your calls and queries and this is how.

Update Website Content

Content covers a wide variety when it comes to your website, it’s what makes your building product website a worthwhile place to visit, however, it needs to offer the visitor something.

Images – make sure all your images are up to date. Have you got more recent pictures from your latest projects that are yet to make it onto the website? Now’s the time to update your website with them. Whilst you’re doing that make sure your images all have alt text and are optimised for SEO.

To find out more about optimising your images for SEO – click here.

Case Studies – look at the date of your case studies on the website. If they’re a year old then you can definitely update them with more recent projects. To create a really effective case study you need to talk to the customer.

Now might just be the perfect time to reach out to people for feedback or a quote as typically people have spare time at the moment.

To help structure your case study take a look at our 10 step guide and download our free case study cheat sheet.

Add Brochures – is there content that you have on file but isn’t accessible via the website? If so, why? By creating friction and forcing people to get in touch for a brochure or data sheet you’re missing out on potential customers.

Although at the moment we have time, we as humans are lazy. We want information and we want it now, by not providing it you infuriate your website visitors.

Make sure all the content you send to customers including technical data sheets, brochures, BIM files, drawings are all available on your construction website.

You might want to gate some content by putting a form in front of it to create a lead generation tool. However only gate content that is worthy of the visitor exchanging their email for.

New call-to-action

Do Some Testing

There is no written rule that if your button is blue or red it will get more clicks. There is some research around colour psychology and buttons encouraging clicks however this is subject to a lot of other varying factors.

The best way to find out what works well for your website is to test. Dependent on your brand colours an orange might stand out or blend in. That’s why each individual website needs to undergo it’s own research.

Test, test and test again. Make sure to keep a track of what you’re changing and give it the same time period as the next test. For example, you might change the button colour a few times till you find one that sticks out at being more successful than the others. Then you can adjust the font, font colour, positioning and size.

This is not just subject to buttons but also forms and call to actions (CTAs). Adjust the fields you require for someone to download a brochure and see if you get more downloads.

Tip: just an email and a name is a fair exchange for a general product brochure. If you’re asking for company details and phone numbers, you’re most likely putting people off.

CTAs can come in all shapes and sizes, as buttons, banners or featured images. Find out which pages get the most traffic and test them on there. That way you’ve got a better chance of getting more data to analyse when testing a new style.

New call-to-action

Integrate Your Website With A CRM To Gain Deeper Insights

HubSpot has a free version that allows you to get insights into who is visiting your website. By inputting a short line of code onto your website, HubSpot puts cookies onto your contacts devices, meaning if they visit a page on your website, you get a live alert.

This helps target your contacts when they’re already actively interested and looking for your services.


Setup Live Chat

Another handy feature that the free HubSpot version offers is live chat. You can easily install live chat to your website for free. If you don’t already have live chat, then now is the best time to implement it.

As previously mentioned, people are unsure whether to use current contact information or alternatives. If you have live chat on, people know they can pop up if they have a query or want to get in touch.



We don’t know when ‘normality’ will return and what version of normal it will be. This pandemic may have effects on the way we work, communicate and live our lives that we’re not even aware of yet.

One thing is clear, you can prepare for when business does return, right now.

Get your building products website to a level where it works smarter for you, not harder. We talk about how you can make changes for SEO, how to appeal to your audience and how to structure your marketing efforts in our blogs, so use them.

Take a read or download one of our eBooks to get ahead and ensure your business is in a better position at the other end of this pandemic.


About Insynth

Insynth Marketing is a leading UK construction marketing agency based in Shifnal in the West Midlands. 

They use the latest inbound marketing techniques such as construction inbound marketing, to support building product companies to grow their business by proactively driving sales lead generation activity. 

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major on construction marketing, we bring together construction marketing strategy, digital strategy, website design, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, sales automation, marketing automation and HubSpot CRM implementation to produce successful campaigns and great results for our clients.

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