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Using Your Blog To Build Your Building Products Brand

Using Your Blog To Build Your Building Products Brand

Too often, content marketing is perceived as simply publishing lots of project case studies and product news on your website and social media channels and expecting it to improve your brand image and increase your reputation and authority.

This is an over-simplistic approach, one which really doesn't utilise content marketing to its full potential. Find out more about the strategy behind blogging and content marketing.

What Is Construction Content Marketing?

Done well, content marketing for construction will not be directly selling, and it will educate, inform and delight specifiers, installers and end-users about your solutions. Yes, think of your products and services as solutions.

Content marketing aims to engage with your potential market, raise awareness of the problems and challenges it faces in relation to solutions like yours, offer insight into all possible opportunities and finally, propose your solution as a strong candidate for the specifier's projects.

Executed in this order, it will carry the prospect through awareness, consideration and into the decision making phase of the buyer's journey, getting high-quality, nurtured leads ready to pass to sales.

Find out how Insynth can support your Content Marketing Strategy.

Be the experts in your field

By publishing regular, high-quality technical articles and practical guidance about the challenges your market faces in relation to your sector, your business will be seen as the experts in your field. Trusted Advisors. The Go-To team. Brand awareness, authority and perception will improve, and with it, so will your leads.

When you're the expert, specifiers and contractors will seek you out and want to work with you. You can expect an increase in specification; often, people only talk to you because they trust you and want your expertise. 

This converts into better fitting projects, better margins and improved close rates on quotations and tenders.

Increased Online Visibility & Leads

The long term benefits of content marketing are profound. Unlike traditional promotional activity, which will appear in a monthly magazine or flash across a screen in an e-shot, your content will be found by potential customers on the internet for years to come.

Additionally, your content will get crawled by search engines. If well optimised (SEO), your online domain authority will increase too, meaning that your ranking for the keywords and phrases your market uses will dramatically improve.

As 90% of people don't go beyond the first page on Google, this can make the difference between being seen at all or not. 

So the more great content you write, the better chance you have of getting onto page 1, the more you will be seen, and the more enquiries you will get.

What does content marketing include?

Just about everything. Many think of content marketing as just being online because of search engine marketing. It is much more than just blogging.

It will include;

  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials
  • CPD Presentations
  • Videos, and more...

Your website should be the hub of your communications, and this is, even more, the case with content marketing because your blog and news feed will be the centre of your content marketing plan.

Offline Content Marketing

Content marketing also includes offline education such as CPD presentations, press articles, white papers and live events. Track participation on the HubSpot CRM platform, and you can link online and offline altogether.

Developing your Content Marketing Strategy 

Hopefully, you can see the work involved in putting together a well thought out and effective content marketing plan as part of your wider Construction Marketing Strategy.

There's planning, research, content audits, building a schedule, writing, editing, designing, publishing, promoting and then analysing the results to give feedback into your next campaign. Phew!

It does seem like a lot of work, but Insynth can do a lot of the coordinating and heavy lifting to enable you to produce regular high-quality content to reach out to your ideal customers and attract them to your business.

Find out more about our Content Marketing services to help you deliver better leads, increase your brand authority and help to grow your business.


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