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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Building Product Brands

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Building Product Brands

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Building Product Brands - marketing growth agency construction marketing

When it comes to using social media for construction marketing there are few tips on how to ensure you're doing it right. 

Social media is not a phase, it's here to stay so make sure you know how to get the most out of it with these marketing strategies for building product companies.

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Stick To One Or Two Social Media Platforms

Although you might think you should be on all social media platforms, not all will work for your business. Each social media platform has a different type of audience. For example Facebook is incredibly popular for B2C and LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B.

If a variety of social media platforms work for you then fab, however we advise sticking to one or two if you’re just starting out as it can be a little overwhelming.

Using social media for business is also a learning experience. It gives you insight into which posts have performed better than others, what times your posts perform better and so much more.

This data gives you a real understanding into your customers and prospects behaviour, what content they find useful and how they interact with other companies content.

Working with a variety of clients has shown us that architects love to use Pinterest as a platform, its very visual and allows them to create mood boards easily to show clients. They then have a direct link to the company that has published the picture so they can action their purchase when ready.


Create A Two-Way Conversation

Part of being present on social media is being involved in discussions. Sometimes you might have to be the one to insinuate these discussions as others aren’t.

The majority of social media platforms have the feature of a poll, this gives you the opportunity to not only see how engaged your audience are, but to see their opinions too.

You could also use your platform to reach out for recommendations – having partnerships with other companies that aren’t direct competitors could do wonders for your company.

Not only recommendations but also opinions on a project, anything to give other people the opportunity to get involved is worth sharing.

It also breaks your feed up from usual content about your product or service.

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Engage With Other Conversations

When using social media you shouldn’t just be posting great content, you should be getting involved in other conversations within the industry.

This will also give you an insight into what’s being discussed, giving you the opportunity to get ahead of the game.

If you’re wondering who to engage with on social then make sure you’re following the right type of people for your company. An example of this would be if your customers are architects, then make sure you follow them, not only the ones you know off but also ones you don’t.

You can then share content or comment on discussions that are industry specific to you. The more you engage with other people the higher the chance you’ll be seen.

Part of engaging on social media is creating brand awareness and making people aware of who you are. The more helpful you are the easier this will be as people will want to follow you for your great content.


Stop Trying To Sell

Companies are guilty of trying to sell on social media platforms, but it doesn’t work. When people are reading their feed on Twitter, if they see sales talk they will simply scroll past.

Over time our attention spam has shortened so its even harder to catch people’s attention. This is why by not selling, you’re more likely to get noticed and people might interact.

When creating content for any platform, including brochures, your website and adverts stop talking about yourself. It can be hard not to as you live and breathe your company but think about how useful this is to the person on the receiving end.

Posting offers and giveaways can work really well on social media if conducted correctly, with structure and follow up.

However doing them too often can make you look spammy, which will make people turn off when they see your posts as that’s what they’ll associate you with.

Instead, talk about how you can help with a problem they might have. Become the solution.

Educate your audience, provide great content, share case studies about how you’ve helped other people. This allows people to resonate and relate to your content.

Social media is the perfect platform for ‘behind the scenes’ - features allow us to now ‘go live’ and create a video and share it instantly.

By giving people as much insight as possible to your company, you’re allowing them to make their own decision on your company rather than being told by you how great you are.

Nobody likes a show off.

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Social media is free, if you're creating great content for your website anyway then the only cost is your time for scheduling the posts. Don't be afraid to get your sales team involved, let them all log in on their work phones so they can share content on the go when visiting projects or sites.

This content is the most effective as its relatable and real to the followers. People also love to the progress of jobs and see the end result. It allows people to be involved in your work.

The content you share on social normally doesn't have a real place for your website. Many companies have to schedule time in with their web developers, then by the time its on the website its irrelevant. 

Social media is also great for events and networking before trade shows or conferences even occur.

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