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Why Is Lead Nurturing Important?

By Olivia Atkinson on 09-Oct-2020 09:35:05

Lead nurturing is highly important to converting more leads and speeding up prospects as they move through the buyer's journey.

Especially in the building product sector where some tenders can be months, even years long, as people have big decisions to make.

Many roles include people spending money on behalf of the government or the NHS on public buildings, meaning they have to be 100% sure on a company before they choose to work with them.

Lead nurturing allows companies to present a lead with useful and educational content they might not have otherwise seen before. Simply having content on your website is not enough.

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Construction Marketing: 7 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

By Olivia Atkinson on 18-Sep-2020 11:42:19

As more and more companies take on the inbound marketing approach as a way to generate more leads, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes apparent.

It's likely that if someone has enquired for your solution, they've also enquired at competitors of yours too. This gives people the option to explore different solutions and services available, especially if one can't deliver in time. 

Following up these leads with the right content, in a timely manner and at the right time in the buyers journey is essential. Read on to find out 7 effective lead nurturing tactics you can implement.

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5 Top Tips For Effective Lead Nurturing

By Olivia Atkinson on 10-Sep-2020 15:40:25

It’s all well and good generating leads, but are they being nurtured into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and then sales qualified leads (SQL’s) as they work their way through the buyer’s journey, or are they just sat going cold?

You want people to convert, fill in a form, download a guide, make an enquiry, and engage with your company. But, what you do after that is just as important to keep them interested in your solution.

79% of marketing leads never convert to sales due to the absence of lead nurturing.

Think about how many potential customers you’ve missed out on by not doing enough to keep them engaged. A huge part of lead generation is making sure there are follow up’s in place.

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