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Introducing Bhav: Insynth's Latest Digital Marketing Executive

By Freya Oxton-Grant on 10-Jul-2020 10:03:06

Founded in 2018,  Insynth Marketing has been growing year on year. Providing inbound marketing services for the building products and construction industry has gained us a reputation for strong results in lead generation and business growth. This has meant we have recently been able to hire four new starters to join the team.

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Construction Marketing Time Saving Tools

By Josh Simpson on 03-Jul-2020 08:50:02

Working in digital marketing for around a month now, I have learnt that time is one of your businesses most valuable assets. After all, time is money, and the more money you bring in as revenue, the more likely you are to be profitable. Therefore going off that, time leads to profits, right? That’s why you need to use your time wisely and in the right areas, so why wouldn’t you want to save time wherever you can?

There’s an endless amount of different software that can help you save time, from CRM systems, to social media scheduling, or even easy to use graphic design software. After working in digital marketing, I’ve been able to learn how to use these different software and now use them on a regular basis, showing just how easy they are to use, if somebody with no experience can pick it up, and effectively use these systems. All of which are designed with one goal in mind, to save you time in your business.

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How To Gain CPD Accreditation For Your Building Product

By Rich Newsome on 01-Jul-2020 13:54:57

Before we begin, I should outline that gaining CPD accreditation isn’t mandatory. You can still create a CPD without accreditation. You can still deliver value without accreditation. You can still increase specification without accreditation. CPD doesn't have to come from, be accredited by, or approved by the RIBA, for example, to count.

However, many organisations across all industry sectors decide to gain accreditation for various training courses. This is mainly because it is a recognised approach to learning and almost a ‘seal of approval’ for anyone looking to help educate people on new trends, initiatives or practices.  

For anyone considering getting their building product CPD accredited, this blog sets out to explain the process, the positives, and the considerations.

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What Are The RIBA CPD Requirements?

By Rich Newsome on 12-Jun-2020 09:49:11

Chartered members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are obliged to undertake thirty-five hours of CPD a year. This equates to around 45 minutes per week. Of these thirty-five hours, twenty of them should be based on the ten topics of the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum.

So, what does this mean for building product manufacturers?

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How To Win More Building Product Specifications: Buyer Personas

By Rich Newsome on 04-Jun-2020 10:39:05

Winning more building product specifications is not something that can be answered in one sentence, or even one blog post. It’s a complicated process involving a multitude of skills and techniques that encapsulate a deep knowledge and understanding.

Today, we’re focusing at the start of the journey: Your audience.

We often refer to your audience as ‘Buyer Personas’, and understanding your BPs is crucial to winning more building product specifications.

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How Sales & Marketing Can Be Aligned To Help You Bounce Back!

By Will Morris on 07-May-2020 15:39:23

1: Selling Solo

Being an old-skool salesman I thought I knew it all. Results were powered solely by my own hands and my own way of thinking. My way had always worked, hitting the phone as hard as I could, sniffing out buying signals in order to get that next sale. I didn’t need anyone apart from my own desire, and I had bucket loads of that.

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How To ‘Pivot’ Your Content Plan During COVID-19

By Rich Newsome on 01-May-2020 08:44:48

Let’s rewind to January 2020. The year was laid out before us, new strategies were in place, new products were going to be launched and big projects were due to begin.

And then the unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a global pandemic altered every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Projects were put on hold, jobs lost, and businesses forced to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

It’s been several weeks now - and for most - the initial shock has settled. In some cases, we’re even seeing glimpses of what life used to be like. However, we’re all aware that it’ll take a long time before we get back to the pre-Covid life that we all took for granted.

With that in mind, this blog aims to give some actionable ways for you to pivot your content strategy in order to adapt to these unusual times.

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5 Tips To Boost Your Content During Covid-19

By Rich Newsome on 16-Apr-2020 21:00:00

We all know that words are the currency of the web. The more SEO-driven content you have, the better chances you will have at ranking highly in search. If you’ve read any of our previous posts, this message will come as no surprise.

What’s different, however, is this ‘new normal’ that we’ve all been forced to adopt. Working from home is giving us more time to reflect, and it’s even allowing us to catch up on the things that we’ve let slip in recent months.

And for many, this means addressing your content strategy.

The purpose of this blog is to give you some practical guidance that you can implement now, in order to prepare for the post-covid future.

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Adapt Your Construction Sales & Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

By Rich Newsome on 19-Mar-2020 12:29:00

Almost every business in building product and construction has been planning for the inevitable impact that the coronavirus will have on our industry. It's unexpected, and sadly for most, unplanned for. 

In these uncertain times, a strong sales and marketing strategy is your closest defence to ensure that you come out of this the other side. 

But, what does a strong sales and marketing strategy look like for building products and construction?

A lot of the time, it means working smarter (not harder) and adopting a digital approach to help streamline processes.

All of a sudden, adopting a 'digital approach' has gone from a 'consideration for the future' to an actual necessity for business' survival. Digital is here. It's real. So let's start doing something about it. 

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