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Should You Use A HubSpot Partner Agency?

Should You Use A HubSpot Partner Agency?

You may've started to notice a trend in your construction marketing agency research.

The term 'HubSpot Agency' may've come up once or twice but the question is should you choose a Hubspot Partner Agency over a general agency?

That's what we'll find out here...

What is a HubSpot Partner Agency?

A HubSpot Partner Agency is a business who is specialised towards generating results by implementing sales and marketing activities using the HubSpot platform. This includes tools like the HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs.

In order to become a certified Hubspot Partner Agency, the business needs to pass multiple certifications and practical exercises to prove they have learnt and can apply this new found knowledge.

To understand if one may be right for you, here are a few pros and cons of using a Hubspot Partner Agency: 


You gain access to HubSpot’s knowledge

You'll get is access to HubSpot’s ever-growing inbound marketing expertise. A Hubspot Partner Agency will regularly study tutorials and sit exams on the latest inbound topics.

This helps them to stay at the forefront of the industry and to give clients access to the latest information and marketing techniques available. 

This is especially important in the online world, where inbound marketing is constantly evolving.

You become more efficient

A HubSpot partner agency will save clients time by automating many of their manual tasks.

Sales processes can be repetitive, time-consuming and susceptible to human error, as busy people may forget to follow up warm leads and let them go cold. 

To avoid this HubSpot is used throughout the sales pipeline, from entering a contact's details in the system to setting up automated email chains that ensure leads never go cold.

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Your sales team will love you

HubSpot’s inbound marketing process is all about attracting the right kind of leads so that your sales team spend less time chasing low-quality prospects and more time closing deals.

HubSpot’s buyer persona tool paints a detailed picture of what a client's ideal customer looks like.

From their name, age and job title to their deeper desires and fears, the buyer persona tool helps clearly see the kind of people a client should be targeting.

This will also help to create personalised content that would resonate with potential buyers who fit the buyer's persona description. This will equal to better quality leads coming in. 


Specialists in inbound but...

While specialists in inbound, not all HubSpot partners are experts in some of the other things such as, PR, advertising, events, direct mail, etc.

If you're looking to acquire leads/ sales through ways that don't include inbound marketing then it may be best to choose an agency that focuses more on direct marketing.

Things To Consider

Your Company Culture

Make sure your business and agency align with company culture, this will help encourage a stronger working relationship between your team and your agency; and have more clarity with the work and goals.

Have A Point Person

Having a point person between the team and agency will speed up decision making which means you get faster results. Decisions wont need to be passed around and chased up on.

One person can handle the decisions and make sure the agency is on the same page as the business. 

Software Isn't The Final Answer

The companies that are most successful with inbound marketing that see the strongest results don't just rely on software like HubSpot.

They completely absorb the inbound approach and make content creation a business-wide initiative.

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Overall using a HubSpot Partner Agency mainly relies on whether you want to adopt an inbound marketing approach.

If you do then a HubSpot Partner Agency would be the most ideal for you as the tools and knowledge the agency will have will benefit your desired goals.

However if you're not wanting to adopt this approach and are wanting a direct marketing method then a HubSpot agency may not be as beneficial as an agency who focuses on direct marketing through other types of software.

They key is to decide which approach to go for and which will benefit your business the most. Then you can seek agencies that provide that route to market.

However if you're keen to learn more about how HubSpot can help your business through the inbound marketing methodology, then get in touch.

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