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Rescue Your Sales Team: Saving Time To Maximise Productivity

Rescue Your Sales Team: Saving Time To Maximise Productivity

Sales Teams In Construction Marketing Did you know that you could be losing business because your sales team are wasting their time on tasks that don’t involve selling?

Scary right?

Over half of a sales person’s time is spent not selling to your customers. Your building products company could be losing business as a result.

Read on to find out more about Insynth’s examination of how sales team’s time is being misplaced.

Losing Time

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In 2015, HubSpot reported that 66% of a sales rep’s time was spent not selling. They are tied up doing other things such as:

  • Admin
  • CRM Management
  • Reporting
  • Searching for content
  • Creating content

If marketing passes a lead onto sales, who are too busy to talk to them because they are spending their time managing other priorities, there is a risk that the customer will walk away and go to a competitor instead. This isn’t going to reflect well on your company’s reputation!  

All of these tasks take up time. That time could be better spent talking to potential customers, making sales and driving business. All of this lost time also equals lost money!

What Can You Do?

In the digital era, many prospects make contact with a company via email, which the sales team can then read and respond too; beginning the relationship between the prospect and your building products company.


CRM Integration

By integrating your CRM system into your emails, you can save your sales team time by removing the need for them to manually enter contacts into the CRM. Once a platform is integrated with your emails, a customer becomes a contact in your CRM as soon as you reach out to them!


Align Sales With Marketing

Aligning sales and marketing gives sales a better insight into what the customer is after. It also gives marketing a clearly defined understanding of the type of leads that sales want to close.

This will save sales a lot of time that is otherwise being lost chasing leads that aren’t the correct fit for your building products business, reclaiming some of that lost time!


Create A Content Library

If sales are losing time searching for content because it’s not easily accessible, then they are also losing business.

Creating a content library is an opportunity for you to consolidate all of your existing content, and enter in new content, so that sales reps have instant, easy access to all of your resources as soon as they need it, giving them more time to sell!



Your sales team are spending just one-third of their time selling. It could be costing your business money and impacting your reputation because they are often too busy tied up elsewhere to provide customer service.

By integrating your CRM system to your email, aligning your sales team with marketing and creating a content library that is a thorough consolidation of everything that they will need, you can supercharge your sales reps and give them back the time to sell.

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